Milani Stay Put Brow Colour – Just as good as ABH’s Dipbrow Pomade?!

Hi All!

A while ago I bought a few things from Beauty Bay and I decided to try something different to the ABH Dipbrow Pomade, mostly because it’s pretty expensive for what it is!

I do like the effect of using a pomade or a more waxy brow product as they tend to last longer and can sometimes have a surprisingly natural finish. I spotted this one from Milani (which is a drugstore brand that’s popular in the US) and thought, ‘for £8 why not give it a go!)

This is the Milani Stay Put Brow Colour and I chose the shade 05 dark brown.

This brow colour is very similar to the ABH dip brow pomade, but you actually get a spoolie and short angled brush so that you can get using it straight away!

At first when you open it, it looks like it’s way too light. Well, mine did anyway. But when you start to brush the first layer you get to see the true colour of it and luckily it’s darker than it first seems.

This brow colour pot from Milani is definitely smaller so I think you get less product but it is almost half the price so I guess that’s understandable. I think the formula of the Milani one is drier but as long as you shut the lid tight enough I think you’d be ok!

I think I’ll use this mostly for the tail end of my brow and use powder for the most scarce part of my brows :). If you’re on a budget, I’d definitely give this a try – when you compare this to the £15 ABH one you can’t go wrong!

Have you tried the Milani version before? Or would you never stray from the ABH Dipbrow Pomade?

Thanks for reading!

Roshni xxx

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  1. To be honest, despite all the hype around the ABH dipbrow pomade, I’ve yet to try it! Mostly because it is super expensive. I have been considering it, but I much prefer the brow wiz because pencil is easier for me to control sometimes. Thanks for sharing this post! I think I’ve seen this one at Ulta before, and for the cheaper price it’s worth a shot to just try and see how I like it.

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

    1. The ABH one is good but it dries up just like any other pomade/cream product! The Milani one is almost half the price so definitely worth a go! Am glad you enjoyed it 🙂 ooh I think I’d love to shop at Ulta but I’m in the UK 🙁 let me know how you get on if you try it! xx

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