Make Up Geek Sparklers Review – Disappointing…

A late night Friday browse on Beauty Bay led to a purchase that I was very excited about. Make Up Geek have released a range of ‘Sparklers’ which are loose glitter pots in a range of really striking colours. I had been on the hunt for an emerald green glitter for a while – I even checked Urban Decay shadows but the closest they had is a dark forest green.

I had a look through the shade options and the one that caught my eye was called ‘Martian’. Also, they were discounted so I thought it would be a great chance to buy them! Little did I know that the reason they were discounted is BECAUSE THEY DON’T BLOODY HAVE ANY SIFTERS ON THEM. Apparently MUG have announced that this is why they have reduced the price, to cover the inconvenience and UTTER MESS the little pots create when you try to open them. (You lose a significant amount of the glitter just by merely opening the pot). I have listed some alternatives you can look at below!

make up geek sparkler 2

At first I was really excited and expected the pigmentation to be insane, for it to be a really easy product to use. Even from Neve Cosmetics (which I at first didn’t trust) have sifters on the pots.

After opening the pot and losing around half a penny size of glitter, I then sprayed a flat eyeshadow brush with the NYX Make Up Setting Spray to see if that would help the glitter stick and adhere.

make up geek sparkler

I was sorely disappointed to find out, then later hear that you can’t use this as a simple eyeshadow, make up setting sprays don’t help and the best thing is to use an eye safe adhesive to stick the glitter on. You could try the Too Faced Shadow Insurance glue which is suitable for glitter.

If you are looking for some alternatives to the Make Up Geek Sparklers you could try:

I think I won’t buy one of these again, I will probably invest in a reasonably priced glitter glue like the one above to try but it sounds mega fiddly!

Have you had any experience with good eye adhesives?

If so, let me know in the comments! 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Roshni xxx


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