Magazine Freebies – Ciaté Mini – Ferris Wheel

Hands up who has ever bought a magazine just for the freebie that comes with it? *both my hands and one leg instantly shoots up*

This happens to me regularly, but no more so than when I saw the July issue of Marie Claire (which I have never read before). The reason I bought it was because of the little Ciaté Mini duo that came with it. I think they were available in lilac and a light blue, and I went for the light blue. I’m really glad I did actually, because the colour is really chic and the formula is very nice :).

The duo contained one normal nail polish, and a strange ‘Caviar’ bottle which contained lots of little silver and blue beads. This is meant to be sprinkled over the shade ‘Ferris Wheel’ before it dries, but I’ve been too chicken to try it out because I feel like it will look a bit stupid. Strange, as ‘Ferris Wheel’ looks so grown up and chic, yet this Caviar malarky looks a tad childish.

Here are the oxymoronic duo:



I used the same process as I did in my ‘Barry M’ post, which resulted in a satisfactory shiny finish (that is until I hung up some trousers and trapped my thumb in the clips – hence ruining the polish. Redoing one nail is not the one.)

The formula of ‘Ferris Wheel’ is quite streaky and wan when you first put it on, but when you let it dry for about a minute and apply a second coat, you can easily build up the colour to a lovely duck egg blue. This looks great with a tan (or genetically brown skin) and is perfect for the heat wave we are currently experiencing in the UK.

Look at them chubby lil fingers


I have used this a couple of times before, and can already see the amount of polish go down :(. So am pretty impressed with this as the first Ciaté polish I have tried. Shame I thought the magazine was crap, but oh well!


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