Lush Life

I went to Lush and bought a few things! Every 2 – 3 months I like to go and replenish my Lush stash, particularly in the run up to Winter when all you want is a nice hot bath with something that makes lots of bubbles. There are a few things I love about going into Lush: 1. The staff are always so lovely 2. It smells amazing 3. Everything is so nicely laid out and you can pick up and sniff as many things as you want (products, I mean) I picked up a few things, so I can give you the run down here.


My basket contained:

  • The Comforter Bubble Bar
  • 2 x Avobath
  • You’ve been Mangoed Bath Melt
  • Twilight Bath Bomb

I have had the Comforter Bubble Bar before, and it is such a nice raspberry/blackberry scent (smells a bit like Ribena if I’m honest), and creates lovely bubbles. Sometimes you will feel a few crumbs of the bubble bar at the bottom of the bath, but you can just smush them around to create some more bubbles.


I had never tried Avobath before, (or as I like to say, ‘Avabath!’) but the smell is gorgeous…it just smells…CLEAN! If you looked up ‘clean’ in a smell-i-dictionary, this is the scent I imagine.  I liked this so much I picked up two, so I’m hoping these bubble up as good as I am expecting.


The Mango bath melt I have had before, and usually being a fan of more berry scents, this is a refreshing change. You can really smell the mango oils, and it pretty much starts to melt as soon as you hold it! It makes your skin silky smooth and makes your bathroom smell like a tropical paradise (parrots optional).


Now we come to my favourite of the bunch, and I haven’t even used it yet. This is the Twilight bath bomb, and I CANNOT WAIT to try this out. It smells like bonfire night to me (and it has stars and moons on it!). I think I am going to have to go back and pick up a few more of these for Winter as I can imagine I will get through them quite quickly. This seems like the perfect bath bomb to use before you go to bed, and I am very excited about this one.


(by the way, anyone who used to love the original Sugababes will remember the song with the same title as this post :))

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