Lush Christmas Products I’ve Loved

Hi All!

I went to Lush recently and bought quite a few little treats for myself and for family/friends. The Christmas range is amazing as always, and there are a few things that I have tried and I thought I would show you what effects they have so that you can decide if you want to get the odd present for yourself and for Christmas gifting! (I operate on the ‘One for Them, One for Me rule quite often).

As I am a shower person usually, and there are only so many baths I can have without feeling like I am hurting the Ozone layer or something. The two products I am reviewing here are the ‘Melting Snowman’ and the ‘Shoot for the Stars’ bath bomb.

Look at his little carroty nose!
Look at his little carroty nose!

This is a classic Christmas scent, smelling of Vanilla and Cinnamon. Although this is not a bubbly bath bar, this is a really lovely moisturising bath product. It leaves your skin feeling so soft, and you can actually smell the cinnamon on your skin afterwards (don’t worry you don’t end up smelling too much like a pastry). The texture is quite similar to ‘Butterball’!

I took a picture which made me laugh, I’ll share here:

Ahhh Derek. Was nice knowing you.

The second product I have tried is the ‘Shoot for the Stars’ bath bomb. When I saw this in the Lush store I just knew I had to get it! It looks like the cosmos, (well what I imagine it to look like) and the smell is not dissimilar to the ‘Twilight’ bath bomb which is probably my favourite.


The real wow factor comes when you drop it into the bath. As you can tell from the outside it holds lilaccy, bluey tones, with a great colour hidden in the centre which I won’t reveal! (It’s Christmas, I’m not the Grinch).

It smells stronger when you are actually smelling the bath bomb itself rather than once it is dissolved in the bath, but it still fills the bathroom with a lovely bonfire nighty scent.



I know the bubbles look like embryos but hey ho, what you gonna do.

What are your favourite Lush products?



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