L’Oréal Miss Baby Roll Mascara – Review & Try On!


There’s a new mascara out at the moment by L’Oréal – it’s called the Miss Baby Roll Mascara and it comes in a few exciting bright colours aaaaaaaand then black of course. I picked this up when I last went to Superdrug because I fancied giving it a go and I hadn’t heard that there was a new mascara coming out.

I love the packaging of this mascara – the colour choice is really lovely and it’s styled quite ‘kawaii’ I would say.

The brush on this mascara seemed interesting to me – like the name, this mascara has a ‘rolled’ kind of wand which made me think it would be quite good for lifting your lashes.

I decided to film a review and try on video and so far it seems to have done pretty well!

I’ll leave the video down here in case you want to give it a watch, but safe to say I really like this mascara 🙂

Have you tried it? What do you think?

Roshni xxx

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