July Cohorted Beauty Box Review

Hi Guys!

I’ve been getting a Cohorted Monthly Beauty Subscription box for around 3 – 4 months now and I regularly film Youtube videos to show you the products and what I think of them. This time I thought I’d go back to my roots and do a good ol’ blog post about it!

Each month I find my opinion changes a little, because it really depends on what brands feature in the box, what the box value ends up at and what KIND of products you get in it. The value of this July beauty box is £106 – so bearing in mind you only pay £35 each month you are receiving some really high value beauty products for your money!

cohorted july

This months box contained some really cool items and featured two from a brand that I hadn’t heard of before, nor can I pronounce it. I really liked the mix of products we got in this box as there was a contour palette, a lip stain duo, a mascara and a blush so it was a well rounded box as far as beauty products go.

Here is what we got!

Ciate London Glow-To Illuminating Blush in ‘In Too Deep’, £22

ciate illuminating blush in too deep

This might just be the most beautiful blush I’ve ever seen, you know. The packaging for this is so luxurious and to me it’s very French inspired. You get a lovely shell like compact, which has a very satisfying click-close :). With gold edging and the most BEAUTIFUL pan you really get a true luxurious product. This was one of the things that made me love this box so much – if you’re paying for a luxury beauty box this is the kind of product that you expect!!

I haven’t even spoken about the shade yet *insert monkey hand over face emoji* the shade ‘In Too Deep’ is a very versatile pinky/mauve-y blush – it’s quite satisfying that it’s not a saccharin bright pink because it’s very grown up. It’s marbled with gold shimmer so can be used as a blush/highlight!

Bellapierre Cream Contour and Highlight Kit, £40

I really wasn’t sure about this palette at first but when I tried the darkest shade I was a bit more relieved.

The darkest shade is a good contour colour for me – to be honest I doubt I’d use this much to highlight as some of the shades come off really orangey on me, but the contour shades are nice and blend out well!

Doucce Lip Stain Duo, £20

doucce lip duo

I have to say, this I did NOT get on with. It’s a shame because I love the idea! This is a lip duo where you get a stain and a clear gloss so you can choose a matte or a glossy lip. The colour they sent me was really odd – I tried it on and it came off a bright orange even though it was called ‘Dusty Red’. There’s nothing dusty about that, that’s ORANGE.

The formula was a bit weak and the pigment was washy when you continued to reapply, and the doe foot applicator was too sturdy so it just moved the stain around. It’s not really a stain, it’s more like a cream in my opinion!

Doucce Punk Volumising Mascara, £18

Oddly, I couldn’t find this in the Cohorted boutique to link it – hmm. So this is a product I still have yet to try properly. I plan to do a proper review on this with a before and after video and ERRYTING so keep your eyes peeled.

Man I’m so conscious that I’m typing mega loud and I’m in a public place…GURLLLL

I don’t get what’s Punk about this but what I am impressed with is the size of the brush in this thing – it’s flippin’ massive! I don’t know yet if that’s a good or a bad thing but we will see!

What do you think to these products?

Have you ever tried a beauty subscription service, if so what’s your favourite?!

By the by if you fancy getting a glimpse of this girthy mascara wand then have a look at my Youtube review:

Thanks for reading,

Rosh xxx


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