No Kink Bobbles – Do they work?

So I’ve been curious about these little coils of plastic for a long time – the ones I have pictured aren’t branded Invisibobbles, I bought mine from Accessorise to try! They were around £2.50 – £3 and came in gorgeous two tone shades <3.

After a quick google I’ve found that these are called ‘Telephone Ponies’ – WTF.


(My favourite is the blue and green one :))

The whole point of these coily little wonders is that you can tie your hair up without snagging it or creating knots, and it DOESN’T leave a massive kink!

I find that sometimes if I have used a normal hair band I will more often or not get a massive kink – no matter where abouts I put it. From the moment I started using these, I was impressed at their strength. I thought to myself – these are just coily bits of plastic! Now, because I have quite thick hair the only criticism I have is that they stretch quite easily and don’t go back into such a tight coil.

Considering that my hair is quite thick, they are surprisingly strong! It helps that they are tightly coiled in the first place, but as I said they do stretch quite easily (maybe the branded ones are better!).

But what I can say is that they do serve their purpose! They do hold hair well and I’ve not seen a kink as I’ve taken my hair down. I’m pleased with these and I do find myself reaching for them over normal hair bands.

They were quite a bargain too so I wouldn’t mind repurchasing them if they did end up stretching too far 🙂

Thanks for reading everyone!

Roshni xxx


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  1. Those are really interesting! I had heard of these types of things, hair ties that prevent knots and so on. I don’t tend to get knots and, to be honest, once my hair is up it’s staying up for the day, so the kink factor doesn’t bother me much, haha. But still, they look really interesting! Maybe as a little gift for someone or somehting. Do they hold a tight ponytail? They look like they would be quite loose.


    1. I’m wearing mine right now lol, because I have quite thick hair they don’t hold a ponytail as tight as a normal one would but I actually get really bad kinks when I use a regular hairband. So I don’t mind not having a very tight pony! I love the colours of these too 🙂 thanks for your comment Erin, love hearing your thoughts! Xxx

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