If you want to smell like Cinema Popcorn, look no further…

Hi Guys! 

For ages I have been in love with the Soap & Glory bath products – my favourite shower gel scent was the ‘Clean On Me’ body wash which is the nicest, freshest and cleanest scent you will ever find.

Every Christmas or New Year when there are sales on, I always keep an eye out for any amazing S&G offers from Boots and usually they don’t disappoint. Last year they had a limited edition square vanity bag thing and in it it had a Clean On Me, some body scrubs and then a shower gel that I’d never tried before.

This one is called ‘Rich & Foamous’ *man they nail the whole naming thing* and I kid you not, it literally smells like warm, buttery and sweet cinema popcorn. It makes you (well, me) smile when you’re using it which sounds absolutely ridiculous but is 100% true.

It contains some really lovely moisturising ingredients like almond, oat and honey extracts. I’ve just realised when writing this post that this would make the most AMAZING bath! Will have to try that out this week (if it creates tonnes of bubbles then I know for a fact I’ll just end up loving it even more).

At £6.50 for a ginormous 500ml pump bottle it is definitely worth the money, as I’ve never found another range of bath products that have such a delicious scent as these.

Have you ever tried this before?

Lots of love,

Rosh xxx

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