If You Love Make Up and Beauty, These Should Be On Your Christmas Wishlist…

EXCLUSIVE – **I am so excited for Christmas!! I will be unboxing a VERY special Beauty Advent Calendar for you, so keep your eyes open! **

Hi Guys!

There are some amazing Christmas make up gift ideas out there and some even more amazing sales on too…especially as retailers are trying to prolong the Black Friday effect!

Here I’m going to round up the things that should be on your Christmas Wishlist if you love make up and beauty as much as I do (which is a hell of a lot, haha!). These would also make great gifts for the lovely ladies (and men) in your life if they are into beauty and make up.

I can tell you for a fact that out of all the beauty retailers, the one that has surprised me and impressed me the most is actually Selfridges! Just browsing their Christmas beauty gifts shop I can see brand upon brand that people love and really gorgeous, luxury gift sets and ones that are much more affordable.

Here we go!


Nuxe Christmas Cracker, £10

Sooo not technically make up but skincare, Nuxe is an awesome luxury brand and Feel Unique have come out with some brilliant little Christmas crackers which contain great value for money products in them!

I love the idea of these and there are loads of brands to try – even one from blogger Fleur De Force!!

The Balm ‘Manizer Sisters’ Christmas Gift Set, £20.40 at Debenhams (normally sells for £24)

The famous The Balm Mary Loumanizer has been put into this trio palette with Betty and Cindy! Cindy is a lovely pastel pink and Betty is a bronze – all of which are shimmers but ones designed to make your face even more beautiful than it already is 😀

Spectrum 7 Piece Siren Smoke Brush Collection, £39.99

Spectrum collection brushes are all over social media at the moment and they are really taking the beauty world by storm. This set is perfect for someone who loves make up or wants to experiment more with make up. This brush set would give them the basic blending brushes needed to create a lovely smokey eye and they look gorgeous too!

Eos Limited Edition Lip Balm Set, £19.50

These little Eos lip balms are really cute and are perfect for younger beauty lovers! I didn’t actually know that Eos stands for ‘evolution of smooch’ ha ha ha. This set would make a perfect stocking filler!

Nyx Liquid Suede Lipstick Vault, £65

This Nyx Liquid Suede lipstick vault is AWESOME. I have 3 shades of the liquid suede lipstics and hands down they are one of my favourite formulas (formulae?!) for matte lipsticks. You get a wide range of shades in here and some are pretty daring! Pricey but definitely worth it…

Clinique Party Edit Box, £35

This Party Edit box from Clinique is a lovely mix of make up and skincare – this is a perfect one for sisters if you ask me. Clinique is such a reputable brand for skincare and I think they are making steps to get more stuck in with the make up world too!

Bumble & Bumble Hairdressers Set, £33

I know, I know, this is meant to be make up and beauty but when I saw this brand I couldn’t resist putting them into this wishlist post. Bumble and Bumble are one of the most sought after, but kinda expensive for what they are brands for haircare. This ‘Hairdressers Set’ features 3 ‘cult’ products and it’s a great way to try the brand in a neat little gift set! Either for *yourself* or *someone else* delete as applicable.

What christmas gift sets have you got your eyes on this year?

Thanks for reading guys, and happy shopping! <3

Rosh xxx

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