If I won the Beauty Lottery…

It’s coming up to Christmas, which means a few things: Presents, presents…and um…presents?!

Sometimes while I am watching a film or television, I will often find myself in a dangerous situation browsing websites like ASOS, Miss Selfridge and the ultimate Kryptonite…Space.NK.

It got me thinking, there are SO many things that are pretty and shiny and lovely and IDEAL christmas presents. This is the ultimate wish list, and instead of looking for presents for myself (*slaps wrist*) I will probably use this for inspiration for family christmas presents :).

I have put together a collection of the ultimate christmas beauty gifts, from a mix of the best premium brands around :D.


This Ciaté advent calendar is a great PRE-christmas gift, and is perfect for all the nail polish addicts out there. It is so cute, and shaped like a mansion with 24 doors housing teeny nail polishes…containing brights, pastels and glitters. I recently picked up one of these myself, and because it was from Space.NK I got a brilliant sample set with an Eve Lom face mask, Rodial face oil and shampoo and conditioner! So even if you decide to get a gift for someone else, you could always keep the samples for yourself (shhh…)


These By Terry Ombre Blackstar eyeshadow sticks are a great high end beauty gift. At a rather extortionate price, these eyeshadows are available in a great variety of shades. I have heard a lot of good things about the shade ‘Misty Rock’, which looks like a gorgeous taupey pink.


A staple in any make up bag is a set of eyelashes curlers, and these Shu Uemera curlers are expensive, but will last you a lifetime. Oddly, there is a limited edition that is exactly the same as the normal set, BUT it has a little picture of Karl Lagerfeld’s cat attached to it (hm, necessary?!)


QUEUE the most expensive dry shampoo that ever existed (I may be wrong but it’s bloody pricey). The Oribe dry texturising spray is renowned for adding lasting volume, and making freshly washed hair look tousled and texturised. If you fancy trying a budget version though, you can try the L’Oréal super sizing spray which I reviewed here. Although it isn’t as long-lasting, it would save you a lot of money!


Ahhh, if you are looking for something shiny that will look B-E-A-Utiful on your dressing table, cast your peepers over the Zoeva ‘Golden Luxury’ make up brush set. This really is a gorgeous set, and would make a great christmas present. The cheapest I have seen it online for is £56.95 , but it sadly looks like it is out of stock :(.


To create that perfect wintery flushed look, one product that can do this in one sweep is the Ambient Hourglass Blush. Again, pretty pricey, but the gold shimmer marbled through it means that it acts as a highlight and blush in one (well, that’s what I’m saying anyway). To me, ‘Ethereal Glow’ looks like a perfect cool toned pink that will perk up any wintery complexion!

SO…drum roll please. The TOTAL PRICE for this wish list amounts to…..


Jeez Louise, well it’s a good thing that I have a smidge of self restraint, to make sure that I don’t go bankrupt.

Anyone out there lucky enough to have all of these things? Ahhhh, merry pre-Christmas every one!


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