Hands up who wants better skin? *waves hand frantically*

Hello you lovely lot!

I am here to review the Magnitone Lucid, a rotating facial cleansing brush that aims to make your skin feel and look better within 7 days. I was very kindly gifted this product and if you keep reading until the end of this post you’ll get to browse the range AND get a unique 20% off discount code *eek*.

This facial cleansing brush is travel friendly, completely safe, available in a range of colours and it actually does work.

Basically although it is a powered brush, you can use it safely within the shower or bath which I find amazing. Not only that but when you charge it, it has a wireless charger where you use the provided magnet connector and THAT is what the charger cable goes into. Genius. You can use it with your normal cleanser and it is safe enough to use every day because it automatically stops after one minute which should be sufficient cleansing time.

The thing I love about this product is that it has a normal and sensitive mode, the facial brush is great quality (bristles wise) and the product teaches you the optimum time to cleanse and it beeps when you need to move to the next area of your face. It’s like year 3000 over here. It also comes with a year warranty and the option to purchase multiple brush heads which is good if you want to use a completely dry head each day. My brush head tends to stay a little bit damp the next day but I don’t mind very much.

Here’s the little blue skin saviour!



I am genuinely surprised and impressed with how good my skin feels AND looks. You can really see a difference, it fits in perfectly to my daily getting ready routine. (I shower at night so I just use my Magnitone for the minute then leave it on its side to dry overnight).

My skin feels softer, looks clearer (the other day I forgot to put concealer on. Like, wat.)

If you purchase and use this product, don’t be alarmed if you have a mini spot breakout as this is perfectly natural as you start to get your skin into a cleansing routine. There is a sensitive mode on the brush (press the button twice) which is ideal for me.

If YOU would like to get your mitts on a Magnitone Lucid, you can browse their products here, and below I have put the 20% off discount code for you to use!



I hope you enjoyed this post, I will be back rambling very soon and I hope you guys give Magnitone a try! It’s definitely worth it.

#SummerSkin #LucidLove

Lots of love,

Roshni xxx


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