Girl Online – Zoella Fever Continues…

I know my blog is mainly for make up reviews and tutorials and stuff, but one of the main reasons I started it in the first place was to have somewhere where I could just tell you what was rattling around in my brain.

When I was younger, my mum bought me my first Jacqueline Wilson book. I think it was ‘Bad Girls’ or something like that. Don’t get me wrong, I’d had books before that! My eldest sister was always reading so I inherited a lot of books from her. When I was younger, reading would transport me right into another world with a mere turn of a page. I was obsessed with Matilda, reading it cover to blurb about ten times over. Then came the many Jacqueline Wilson books that my mum kindly bought me.

The thing is, I am a very UNHEALTHY reader. I mean, once I get into a book I will find it very hard to stop reading and function like a normal human being. In particular, sleep becomes second-third priority to finding out what happens to a main character. This means I turn into a bit of a zombie, reading until about 3am but it means I get to find out how the book ends! 😛


OK, now I’ll get to the main point of this post :). I was kindly given the first novel by Zoe Sugg, of Youtube and Vlogging/Blogging fame. I am the same age as Zoe, but the book itself ‘Girl Online’ is written for a much younger, teenage audience.

I know that Zoe didn’t write this book by herself blah blah blah but I have to say I did really enjoy it. It took me RIGHT back to being a teenager reading ‘The Suitcase Kid’ and the ‘Sleepover Club’ books. The moral messages for a teenage girl were ever present – ‘be confident’, ‘your imperfections make you beautiful’ and my personal favourite: ‘don’t say ginger say auburn’.

I am now old and cynical, so I pretty much whizzed past these Oh So Important lessons in life. However, the story and the characters within it did seem very real and believable. In particular, I think for Zoe’s Youtube subscribers (of which I am one) would relate even more closely. Anyone who has heard Daddy Sugg in one of her vlogs, seen ThatcherJoe in a GRWM video or seen how bravely she talks about anxiety will be able to relate to her nicely written characters easily.

I think Zoe has kept things pretty safe, but that shouldn’t take away from the fact that when it comes to it, she’s written a pretty good book. In spite of the ghost writing confusion, she has maintained the respect of her followers and subscribers.

In summary, (I swear this isn’t an essay) my favourite bits of the book are:

  • The cheeky banter between Penny and Noah
  • Descriptions of Noah
  • The likeness of brother Tom to Joe Sugg
  • Did I mention Noah?
  • Um…Noah.

I hope you guys like this different kind of blog post, I very much enjoy just tapping away at my laptop about things that I’m interested in. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing nonsensical gobbledygook (when was the last time anyone under 60 used that word?!)

Peace out,

Roshni xxx


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