Garnier Moisture Bomb Sheet Face Mask – Review!

Hi Guys,

I have been wanting to try a sheet mask for so long and I was so pleased to see that these Garnier Moisture Bomb tissue masks were on promotion in Superdrug so I picked two of them up!

They were on promotion for 99p each which was an absolute BARGAIN (they are usually £1.49). These masks are designed to give you the equivalent of a week’s worth of hydrating glycerin, which is what is in Garnier’s Moisture Bomb Day Cream. They contain pomegranate extract and hyaluronic acid (which is a tick in my book) and are perfect for dehydrated skin.


I had pretty much, JUST used this and wanted to note down my thoughts while I can still remember lol. Sheet masks are interesting, because they make you look so scary and they only really give themselves a short amount of time to get ALOT of things done. Hard slog at the office for sheet masks, if you ask me.

I like the fact on the packet it states that these are suitable for use with sensitive skin, as I’ve used new skincare brands before like Oskia (gutted) and had reactions to their products.

So this mask is a tissue mask, which basically means that it’s constructed from like a thicker pad of tissue, so it is very easy to adhere to the skin and it fits into the curves around your nose, under your eyes etc easily.

I am not going to add a picture of me wearing it because I looked bloody terrifying lol. The feeling of the cool mask IS lovely, but I used this at exactly the wrong time of year when it’s actually starting to get cold. So actually, using this made ALL of me feel a bit cold, but anyhoo that’s the sacrifice I’m making for nice face skin. Haha!

This is a very wet mask – it’s got product soaked right into it which is great because you’re getting alot of serum for your money. This also means it sticks really well, so that’s ideal!

So once 15 minutes has passed (I’d use this when you are feeling particularly warm because it would actually be lovely to cool you down) you can peel off the mask and pop it in the bin. I didn’t wipe off the excess serum on my face but instead I rubbed it in and also smoothed it down my neck as well!

What I have noticed is that my skin is definitely feeling hydrated AND now that the serum has dried my skin actually feels a bit tighter. This to me, suggests that it could be the hyaluronic acid coming into play.

I’m not sure how long that will last, but I used this after a shower (as I shower in the evenings) to make sure that my skin drinks up the product overnight!

My skin does tend to get dry towards winter so I am glad that I invested in two of these 😀 might actually pick up a few more while they are on offer! Haha 🙂

What do you guys think, have you tried them?

Thanks for reading,

Rosh xxx

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