Fact: Pretty Stationery is Essential to Organisation…


Or at least in the blogging world, it is. When I find myself having to regroup and get organised with my blogging, work/life and social schedule I tend to grab a notepad to make a LIST. You gotta love a list.

I make lists of lists. I sometimes (if I’m being a bit naughty) will write something onto said list in order to just cross it out because I’ve already done it :’). What?! It helps with your sense of achievement!…

It’s all too easy to let things pile up on top of you, pretending everything is ok but really you are that swan kicking and screaming through your legs under the surface *do swans actually have legs?!*. Take that extra time to ‘regroup’ as I call it, a few moments peace will usually help you to put things into perspective and focus on what you need to do. Don’t forget as well, everyone needs an outlet – whether that be a family friend, a school friend, a blogging comments section, a forum or a firm talking to yourself it doesn’t really matter, as long as you HAVE one.

If you are familiar with blogging/instagram/pinterest world of amazing stationery then you will know that marble, metallic or graphic prints, cute little notepads/stickies etc will do all manner of good to make you organise your life. There are tons of links out there on the internet that can give you inspiration :).

This post is a way of me saying, if that is what you need to give yourself the proverbial kick up the arse, then why not?! Embrace that feeling when you buy that gorgeous notepad you’ve been keeping your eye on and the feeling you get when you have crossed off all 21 things on your list.

It’s clear to me that I myself and my peers are part of a generation trying to do EVERYTHING and taking on a lot. So take the little pleasures in life and use them to make things more manageable. Remember, life’s too short.

P.S. I really need to take my own advice :/


Roshni xxx

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