Esqido Lashes Black & Brown Gel Eyeliner Pencil Review

Hello everyone! 

I’m back today with a review of a pair of eyeliners that were kindly sent to me by Esqido, a company that made their name selling luxury false eyelashes and an amazing (in my personal opinion) eyelash glue which is a staple in any starter make up kit.

I’ve always had a bit of a love hate relationship with pencil eyeliners or kohl liners – funnily enough they are quite a long standing make up essential in Indian culture. Rewind to the 60s and 70s and watch a Bollywood film and you’ll usually find a pair of doe eyes laden with lashings of black kohl liner.

Personally, I’ve always found eyeliner to just make me look rough as fuck or just tired. Lol.

Reason is because, like many other people, I have rather pronounced dark under eye circles (bags, circles, hollows, call them what you will they are still annoying little bastards). For me, most eyeliners just make my under eye circles more pronounced, which is obviously counterproductive to the fact that I wear a brightening under eye concealer everyday!

Which is why I will share with you my ever so complicated, advanced solution. Just wear it on your upper lash line. Yes, you heard it here first – life changing advice.

A thin line of smudgy eyeliner above your lashes can often make your lashes look thicker and blacker, and add to that sultry cat eye effect so many beauty mavens are after.

Esqido wisely chose to add a black and dark brown gel eyeliner to their range, with a nice smooth formula in really smart packaging.

The formula of these eyeliners is great – they are a soft, gel type consistency but still firm enough to draw a steady line.

I was really impressed with the pigmentation of the eyeliners, the black wasn’t ashy in the slightest and the brown was rich.

A little smudge (below) and you can see that these eyeliners blend nicely and it definitely stuck fast once it was blended! So you needn’t worry about the staying power – make sure you use a make up remover with these, so that you can take it off without rubbing too much :).

Do you like using eyeliner pencils?

I’m looking forward to introducing these into my make up routine – a bit of black liner smudged across your lash line is a great way to pretend that you’re well put together! Haha…

Thanks for reading! 

Rosh xxx

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