Does Anyone Even Blog Anymore?!

I’m writing this post after returning to my WordPress Dashboard, with 337 spamalam comments and an ever nearing media upload limit. I’m returning to my blog because I’m trying to get back the joy and satisfaction I’d feel whenever I wrote a blog post! Alot of bloggers in our lovely community have written before about how hard it is to continue to upload content you’re happy with and to not get bogged down by pressure, the frustration and everything that goes with it.

I’ve blogged for around 4 – 5 years I think, which when I think about it is a VERY long time! I’ve obviously had my breaks in between every now and then, but more recently this has been my biggest break. It’s not even been a ‘let’s announce I’m having a break and I’ll be back in a few months’ thing – it’s been a ‘Uhmmm I’ve just stopped’ thing.

Our busy lives sometimes make it very difficult to keep these other things ticking over and it’s perfectly normal to need a break every now and then.

At times like this, what I like to do is revisit what made me want to do it in the first place.

Put very simply, these are the things I like about beauty blogging:

  • Helping others find the right products for them, to make them feel good about themselves
  • The satisfaction that someone’s found my post useful 🙂
  • Eventually, being recognised by brands whether they are large or small, getting some recognition really cements your certainty that you are doing it right in some way!

I’m just going to blog when I want to – considering I’m gaining traction on my Youtube channel, yet things like Instagram feel more frustrating by the day when you gain 2 followers and lose 49 there are definitely different benefits to different types of social media.

Personally, I think when you blog and post on Youtube and Instagram etc, usually one platform will stick for you. A couple of years ago I’d have said that platform was my blog but NOW it’s actually my Youtube! So you’re starting to see more platform specific influencers – I actually know some Instagram only influencers, which would have been unheard of a couple of years ago.

Rather than force content on everything, I’m going to go with the flow!

So if you see the odd post popping up on here, then you’ll know that I’m pretty passionate about what I’m posting about!!

Have you had moments like this too? How have you got back into blogging?!

Rosh xxx

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