December Favourites

I have a few beauty rituals I have been loving this month so far. These involve 6 products, a few of them are things I have always loved that I’d like to talk about, and a couple are more recent finds that have made their way onto my dressing table.

A small mix of nail care, hair care and beauty, these things are part of my every day routine and if I lose any I’m running around the house shouting about them!

Garnier Miracle Cream, Body Shop Wooden Hair Brush, Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer, Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, Burts Bees Lip Balm, Seche Vite

Here are my December favourites:

1. Not wearing foundation- 

I stopped wearing foundation in summer, and started to use a really light coverage BB cream and then just concealer. This not only means my skin can breathe a bit more, but also it takes me less time to get ready in the morning! As my skin gets quite dry, I use a moisturiser first, then blob the Garnier Miracle Skin Cream onto my face and blend in using my fingers. Then, I just use the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer on blemishes and dark circles, and use my Real Techniques contour brush to blend this in! Job done 🙂


2. Looking after my locks- 

This Body Shop wooden hair brush is SO GOOD. I know at the end of the day it’s just a hair brush but because it is wooden, you don’t have horrid plastic bristles that tug and pull on your hair. Now my hair is the longest it has ever been, and is also dip dyed this means that my hair is prone to breakage, particularly at the ends. Using this brush keeps my hair shiny, and in tact (which is useful!). I think I might get another one of these for travelling too, as it is an ideal size!



I bought this Morrocanoil from Feel Unique and it has lasted me AGES already! This stuff is brilliant, and it is rightly raved about all over the tinternets. I tend to use a small blob of this through the ends of my damp hair after I have used my tangle teezer on it. What I find is even better, is if you warm the oil between your palms before applying through the ends of your hair as it means it gets spread evenly and won’t make your hair greasy. I find my hair is usually really soft after it has been blow dried, and it great for coloured hair.

3. Keep up with Lipcare- 

In Winter you are bombarded with artificial light, harsh heating and chilling winds which can dry your skin, hair and lips. Don’t forget about this lovely part of your face or you could end up suffering with chapped lips because of it. My favourite thing that I discovered recently is the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. I had heard ALOT about this product, as I’m sure a lot of you guys have too. This amber coloured gel cream is brilliant, it is soothing, moisturising and also acts as a great barrier to make sure your lips stay protected. It is also fragrance free, which I like. If you are looking for something to moisturise your lips before using lipstick, this is ideal! (Unless you want a matte lip that is…)




For day use I tend to reach for the Burts Bees Coconut and Pear Lip Balm, which is a travel friendly, soothing waxy lip balm. Although this isn’t AS soothing as the 8 Hour Cream and it does need topping up a lot, it smells gorgeous (quite like chocolate weirdly enough) and is not very expensive.


Seche Vite will ALWAYS be in my favourites unless something comes along that can apply nail polish for me, and blow on it itself (any ideas?) I buy this top coat from Amazon, and have gone through two bottles already. The only two criticisms I have is that when you get to the bottom, it is hard to use the last bit of it. Also, if you wear a lot of red polishes (like I do, usually burgundy), it tints the Seche Vite as you are applying pressure on the colour, so some of it transfers into your Seche Vite.


I use this every single time I paint my nails, it lasts forever and really does dry so so quick. I find when I start on the little finger of my left hand, by the time I get to the little finger of my right, the polish is almost dry.

(Sorry that the lighting is weird in these pictures and it looks like I have ten shades of blanket).

What are your favourites so far this month?

Thanks for reading!


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