Ciaté Christmas Advent Calendar – Week 3!

Moving onto week 3 of my Ciaté advent calendar, and this week greets us with a mix of block colours and glitters that are really fitting for Christmas. The nearer we get to Christmas the more glittery things are becoming, my parents have put the decorations up in our house (finally) and walking around London this weekend put me right in the Christmassy mood.

What is great about reviewing this weekly is that I’ve found out of the 6, there are usually pairs of polishes that look like they would be good together and I naturally photograph them in this way.

Here are the 6 promising polishes I woke up to this week:


'Frozen Daydream' and 'Tinsel Trail'
‘Frozen Daydream’ and ‘Tinsel Trail’
'Silhouette' and 'Candy Cane'
‘Silhouette’ and ‘Candy Cane’
'Amazing Gracie' and 'Unrestricted Glam'
‘Amazing Gracie’ and ‘Unrestricted Glam’

I made the mistake of thinking ‘Tinsel Trail’ was an actual polish, cue me opening the bottle and my mouth falling open because the little shiny tinsel bits fell and made their way into the crevices of the open advent calendar doors. In spite of this, the colour combinations are pretty christmassy and almost circus like, which I love.

In the bottle, ‘Frozen Daydream’ looks a tad dull but I won’t know until I actually open it.

My favourite of all, maybe ALL of the polishes I have had so far, has to be ‘Candy Cane’. It is such a vivid magenta colour, and the glitter particles are a mix of big and small so it looks really unusual. I actually think this would look great over black as well.

So far in the advent calendar the only one I know I won’t use was the canary yellow polish in last week’s instalment. So I am pretty satisfied I have got value for money in the advent calendar! Would definitely recommend!

Which are your favourites out of this week’s instalment?

Thanks for reading!


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