Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick – ‘Miranda May’ <3

Hi Guys! 

I know I’ve been pretty quiet on the blogging front recently – things have been pretty hectic since New Year so it definitely feels good to sit at my laptop and type away (tappety tap tap) about something that I love!

Yes today I am reviewing the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in the shade ‘Miranda May’ (£23) and can I just say, I bought this ONLINE. Yes, I bought a CT lipstick….ON. LINE. WITHOUT SEEING IT IN PERSON.

Am I mad? Most probably, yes. Lol I also bought a foundation on the internet which must mean I’m positively doolally. (what a nice word to say, it just rolls off the tongue).

I looked at so many CT lipsticks on Cult Beauty that I kind of forgot which kind I was looking at – there were the Hot Lips ones, the Matte Revolution ones, the K.I.S.S.I.N.G ones and I probably got a little confused!

Turns out I got a Hot Lips Matte Revolution one, which I wasn’t aware was possible lol but oh well. I definitely ran a risk buying this lipstick as the swatch online looks 100% nothing like the lipstick itself. BUT fret not, I am absolutely in love with this shade and it’s steadily becoming my new favourite thing ever!!!

Actually, I’ll give you an idea of the swatch online as you will see that it comes up like a tangy orangey red – looks really beautiful. I was all prepared for this to be THIS shade and I’m aware that this would look different on my skin tone than the gorgeous superhuman wearing it on the Cult Beauty website:

You see how on the model it comes off quite orangey? Well, it is quite coral toned which I absolutely love, but I expected a more orange tone to it! It’s a really beautiful soft pink that’s really flattering on the lips.

As this lipstick sits in the Matte Revolution range I was scared that it would be uncomfortable to wear, but holy moisture these things are AMAZING! I have to say they don’t feel like a matte lipstick on the lips which is insane. It feels soft on the lips and actually quite moisturising in itself.

I don’t need a lipliner with this and I’m amazed at the pigment – sometimes I can just lightly dab this onto my lips and it gives you just the right amount of flush.

All in all I’m really chuffed with this lipstick! It’s so comfortable to wear and really flattering 🙂 especially on darker skin tones!

What do you think to this shade?! What’s your favourite shade of CT lipstick?

Thanks for reading, 

Rosh (p.s. it feels good to be back) xxx

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