Charlotte Tilbury ‘Bette’ Eyes To Mesmerise Eyeshadow


I have a review of an outstandingly gorgeous product for you today – the product is from Charlotte Tilbury and it’s a shade that has been really popular. The Eyes to Mesmerise range features some beautiful eyeshadows and I wanted to try one of the cream eyeshadows.

I was browsing online and I settled on the shade ‘Bette’ which is a lovely antique-y gold which applies like a dream and stays put all night!

*I had to make sure I took a picture before I smushed my finger around in here lol*

You can see just how shimmery and beautiful this would be on the eyes. With Charlotte Tilbury you kinda get a full senses experience when you use one of her products.

From the way the beautiful burgundy contrasts with the gilt gold lettering, there is just something so special about the packaging and the quality of her make up ranges! *drools*

The glass part of this little pot is all pearlescent feeling and soft as well so it feels VERY luxurious!

This cream eyeshadow really does stay put – I’ve worn this in evenings where I’ve got back from [insert generic social gathering here] and I can still see this on my lids.

I tend to apply this straight onto my eyelids and then I simply blend the edges with a fluffy brush like a Mac 217 and it’s perfect! It almost creates it’s own crease colour as well which is amazing.

This eyeshadow IS expensive (£22 holy christ) but trust me, if you make sure you shut the lid tight enough to make sure it doesn’t dry out then it’s definitely worth it :D.

Have you tried this eyeshadow before?

Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading,

Rosh xxx

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