How to Feel Organised…

It can be quite hard at this time of year to feel on top of things. I have to be organised all the time – similar to lots of other people. I find that there are a few key tips that I can share which will not only MAKE you more organised, but also make you FEEL more organised even if your situation hasn’t changed that much.

Christmas itself can be pretty stressful – how many presents have you bought, how much do you spend, will they get here before christmas, what do I wear to the Christmas do, how do I not put on 20 stone…the list goes on. On top of that you have work, a social life, family and other things that threaten to throw your balance off.

When I feel a bit *RSGRESGF* I like to take a few minutes and regroup like I’m in the middle of some kind of match – change your tack and see where it takes you.

how to get organised



Each morning at work, I write myself a to do list of the things I can realistically do within that day. Then I keep a second ongoing list of all the other stuff floating around in my head. To me, this gives me peace of mind that I won’t forget anything and that I’m always going to remember those difficult things that take longer to do, but are worth it in the long run.


This may sound like a bit of a contradiction – but you can’t do everything. Think about it, if you keep adding things for you to do, you won’t be able to do the things you DO get time for properly and to the right standard. Accepting that you can’t do everything is very liberating – you stop putting pressure on yourself and learn to enjoy the things you are doing right.


Things change, people. Your plan of where you wanted to be 2 years ago might not look the same now and those things you thought were really important to do before hand might now be completely insignificant. Re prioritising allows you to make room and focus on the most time efficient way to approach your life! What can you get the biggest benefit from with the smallest investment of your time? If it’s something as simple as blogging, how can you get the best content in the smallest amount of prep? An example is, I get myself ready to film a Youtube video by doing my make up (there’s one video) and then I film the chatty part of the video after (there’s another!).


Don’t hole yourself up and worry about all the shit you have to do by yourself. Share them with the people closest to you, if they are good enough friends or family they will listen to you and calmly help you by offering suggestions of how you can do things a different way. You never know, they might surprise you or even actually help you out with the things on your list!

So there you have it, I am by no means an expert in organisation but I feel like I can at least give myself a slap round the face to keep my life as organised as possible (within realistic parameters of course :)).

I hope you’ve found this interesting to read!

What are your favourite tips for staying organised?

Thanks guys,




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What’s the big fuss about Allure magazine?!

A couple of weekends ago, I went to London on a lovely weekend to see my best friend from uni. When I’m travelling, one of my most favourite things to do is to curl up on an (empty either side) train seat with music, snacks and a good magazine. I was in W H Smith and decided to try a magazine I’d heard a lot of bloggers talking about – Allure!

I assumed this magazine might be around £3, so took it to the till happily perusing some chocolate at the same time (maltesers). I was shocked that it cost £4.80!!!! For a MAG A ZEEN. Wth.


Anyway I decided to give it a chance, paid, ran to my train, sat in the wrong carriage, ran again and settled down with my music, Maltesers and Allure. I noticed that it didn’t have many adverts in it which was a really good start – one of the most annoying things when reading Elle or Vogue is just HOW much of it is filled with stupid adverts.

When I started reading further, I had the price of the magazine ringing in my ears. It was not worth it! I could have easily got the same amount of cultural words from a £2 Glamour. I didn’t find the articles particularly engaging or revolutionary, it was just a bit…blah.

A real shame, because I thought this would be one of those magazines where I also start raving about it and pining for a subscription.

For me, the best magazines for train travel are – Glamour, Look, Cosmo and Grazia!

Have any of you guys read Allure? Do you feel the same as me or do you love it?!

Thanks for reading everyone 🙂

Roshni xxx


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My Most Recent Repurchases

There are usually a few ‘holy grail’ make up products that hang around the depths of my dressing table – but recently there have been a few things that I have repurchased. I only repurchase things if I REALLY like them. I mean, really. I am not a second chancer, or a ooh it might have changed-er, I am seriously brutal.

The things I have repurchased most recently are a mix of skin care and make up – and to me, they are essentials that will stay on my dressing table for a very long time!


When it comes to skin care, two of my favourite products are Nivea Creme and the Simple Kind to Eyes Make Up Remover. Nivea Creme is something my family have used always – I have always seen my mum use it – but I don’t use it on my whole face. The only thing I use this for is to moisturise my lips and maybe on areas of dry skin. It’s a very thick moisturiser and is great if you want something to moisturise that will last for a very long time.

The Simple Make Up Remover I have been using for the past 5 years or so…I can’t tell you how many of these bottles I’ve gone through! This stuff is really amazing, it helps to get off mascara so well (on a scale of mascaras I’d say it’s great from a Benefit Bad Gal Lash to a Maybelline Lash Sensational!).

For make up, I actually have TWO concealers – I know, it’s probably a bit much. The first one is the Maybelline Anti Age Eraser Eye concealer, which is one of the best concealers I have ever used! It’s not even very expensive, it has a foam dome shaped applicator which I don’t mind but a lot of people have posted hacks of how to get it off. I love this – it’s medium coverage I’d say but it feels so light and it blends like a dream. The next concealer I repurchased is this Maybelline FIT Me in the shade 20. I use this every day on top of the Anti Age for just a touch more’s so good!

Lastly, I have something that I think I have repurchased at least three times. This is the Soap & Glory Brow Archery – which is an eyebrow pencil that has a spoolie on one end and an ashy toned brown pencil on the other. It’s a twist up, which I love and the shade I have is called ‘Hot Chocolate’. The spoolie is genius – and these last a very long time!

So that’s my run down of the things I’ve repurchased the most recently, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading!


Roshni 🙂 xxx


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The Pro’s and Con’s of Henna/Mehndi

Everywhere I look on Instagram, there are pictures of henna designs and patterns – particularly white henna! In Gujarati we call it mehndi, but I think it’s more commonly known as henna. We recently had mehndi done for my sister’s wedding and a wedding is the traditional reason that you get it done!

When brides get mehndi done for a wedding, usually they hide the groom’s initial in amongst the patterns and he has to find it on the wedding night :D. As you will see, there is just a flower in mine! Lol

I’m not entirely sure how the white mehndi and glitter mehndi works but the colour in traditional brown henna temporarily dyes the skin and it gradually fades off your hands/feet/wrists as you continue to wash (if you do wash, that is :)).

Here is a picture of the beautiful mehndi that I had done last week! mehndi

Having mehndi done is great, it looks so pretty and it can be delicate and intricate, however there are pro’s and con’s for this special beauty treat.


  1. It lasts for at least 4 – 5 days, so the time invested in having someone do it for you is definitely worth it! Especially if you are having it done for a special event such as a party, birthday or wedding!
  2. It looks great in photos! The picture above shows the mehndi when the product is still on the hands, this layer dries and crumbles off and the finished result is an orangey brown colour.
  3. Pairing it with a good manicure means you can make your hands look very elegant!


  1. It stinks
  2. If you leave it on overnight you’ll find 10 million dried up crumbs of it in your bed and on your floor
  3. You can’t do anything for about 4 hours (this could be a good thing too though!)
  4. It really stinks – especially if you catch a waft as you are doing your make up or something
  5. The fading mehndi isn’t the greatest look!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post – If you’ve had mehndi done before you’ll know where I’m coming from! Hahahah

Roshni xxx


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Ways to Relax When It’s Dark Outside

So we are getting to that point in the year where, when you get up in the morning IS DARK and when you get home after work IS DARK.

In the run up to Christmas, there are a few things that I like to do, that might seem very simple, but they are perfect ways to relax. Whether you are stressing about work, family, Christmas or romance, take a few minutes out of your day to chill the hell out!


1. Make yourself a Nutella Hot Chocolate

If you read other people’s posts about their favourite things to do, they may say “Woo go make a hot chocolate yeah!” but I on the other hand, am telling you to make yourself a NUTELLA hot chocolate. They are delicious!

All you need is a few blobs of nutella, some milk, and a microwave. Blob the nutella into a mug, pour in milk and leave some stirring space inside it. Warm in the microwave for 30 seconds, then take out and stir. Warm for another minute and stir. Then you should see the chocolate spread mixing with the milk, then warm for another 30 seconds if you like it freakishly hot!

2. Treat yourself to a Lush Bath

If you are a fan of Lush bath bombs and shower goodies, then having a special Lush bath is a great way to unwind. It keeps you warm first of all and it also means you can take some time to relax and soak any pains or aches away. It makes you sound old to realise this, but sometimes a bit of peace and quiet is just what you need!

3. Light a few candles and paint your nails

Sometimes this can even include some Youtube to have on in the background :). Lighting candles is a very therapeutic thing and if you have a few candles on in your room while you do something relaxing, it’s an excellent way to TELL yourself you are relaxing. Painting your nails with your favourite autumnal shade will mean you look ‘done’ AND you’ve relaxed a bit.

4. Curl up with a (enter autumnal colour) fleece blanket and watch some crap TV

So, I have a teal fleece blanket. It’s my favourite ever blanket and it lives at the end of my bed. Some days when I’m ill, sleepy, or stressed I will sit with said blanket and relax. Watching crap TV is another layer to make you feel better, it’s like a secret second blanket, where if you use it, you will feel instantly better :D. Serious.

5. Put on a face mask!

This is probably the most stereotypical ‘PAMPER YOURSELF, YOU ARE A WOMAN’ kinda thing to say but HEY, men out there if you fancy a face mask you knock yourself out. Putting on a face mask isn’t the most relaxing thing on this list for me, but it does make you stop and spend some time on your skin. When you are stressed or tired, your skin can show it the most. So taking the time to rub in your moisturiser for longer, spend time applying a cleansing face mask, and taking it off using a warm damp flannel will make you feel chilled and it’ll give your skin a helping hand :).

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about my favourite ways to relax in the run up to winter!

Thanks for reading y’all 🙂

Roshni xxx


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Almost 5 Months of Youtube…what have I learnt?

I’ve been doing Youtube videos for almost 5 months now and I thought I’d jot down some of the things I have found out as I thought this might be useful for any other Youtube newbs or bloggers thinking about expanding into having a Youtube channel.

It’s a great outlet to be creative on, especially when it comes to editing etc but it can take some time to start a video from the very beginning to finishing it completely.

Here’s a quick run down of the things I have found out/learned/thought about sporadically:

Filming is time consuming but totally satisfying

I love the process of filming, but just bear in mind that things like tutorials can take a lot of time to prep and film and edit. It helps to plan your looks in advance and just get out the products that you know you are going to use…this helps cut down editing time because you won’t then have around 12 mins of footage where you are scrambling around trying to find that mascara you want to use.

Writing tags is the most boring thing on this here planet Earth

I don’t know why the suggested tags on Youtube aren’t better but doing tags is bloody boring. I know it’s important and all that blah blah but even when blogging I hate doing it! I know I sound like an ungrateful sod and first world problems etc but it doesn’t take away from the fact that typing in words when it’s not a post ISN’T FUN. It’s just necessary.

Don’t expect each video to get 1000’s of views straight away

This isn’t a deterrent to say ‘don’t do youtube’ just be very mindful that when you are starting out it’s going to be difficult to get views unless you are Kylie Jenner. Think of ways you can direct traffic to your videos…it might be using Instagram and using BitLy to shorten your URL’s, or Twitter or directing traffic using your blog. Make sure your channel looks great and always make sure you link to your previous videos at the end of the one you have put up.

Be aware of true and sub 4 sub subscribers

There isn’t anything wrong with this at all because a lot of people use this tactic, but sub 4 subbing is a way of people getting subscribers fast basically. Everyone does it, so don’t be down trodden if you get people leaving comments openly saying ‘sub 4 sub?’ because at least they are being honest about it. I’ve done it the odd time but it feels weird so I try not to.

Enjoy it!

More than anything, I’ve learnt that Youtube is actually really fun and a great outlet for creativity. I love putting up a well edited video, or a make up tutorial that I’m particularly proud of. I guess blogging/social media/youtube is quite a self gratifying thing to do but when you get comments, likes and views it is really satisfying to know that people like what you have created!

To end this post, I’m going to leave you with a collage of my favourite video’s I have filmed…if you click it you will go straight to my Youtube channel so if you want to you can have a browse!


Thank you so much for reading,

Roshni xxx


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My Favourite Instagram Pictures of All Time

Hi Everyone!

So I don’t think I’ve ever done a post like this (I can’t be sure but who can be bothered to go through ALL 151 of the posts I’ve done on this blog to check…) This post is going to show you my most favourite instagram photos which might be a mix of people, places, products and make up looks.

I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a really self centred post…imagine if I just gave you 20 pictures of myself *insert crying laughing whatsapp emoji*

I LOVE Instagram. Out of all social media (? is that the right plural), Instagram is my favourite. I wasn’t on it for AN ETERNITY then one of my best friends created my account and showed me how to use it *the shame, the shame*. I’m sure it was like showing your parents how to use a computer “No, you have to CLICK on it”.

I now go on Instagram at least twice daily…I just love trawling through people’s posts and seeing people’s make up collections/places they’ve been/amazing food they have eaten. I feel like you really can get to know people on there too (not in a weirdo way) and everyone I’ve exchanged comments with have been lovely.

So, here I’m going to show you my most favourite pictures! I hope you enjoy them!


These Instagram photos document some of my fondest memories and I’ll explain a few of them here.

In the top left and bottom right corner are two selfies taken with my two older sisters, one on my eldest sisters’ engagement and the other on my middle sisters’ engagement! These were just really fun days where we all got dressed up, had lots of family round and celebrated the fact that they had each found someone to put up with them other than me.

Middle row, furthest on the right (bear with me here) is my favourite make up look that I’ve ever done and it was using the By Terry Ombre Blackstar in ‘Misty Rock’. It wasn’t the most complicated make up look, it just happens to be my favourite because I was so happy with the finished product!

The two pictures containing food are mainly there because I enjoy food.

The centre picture was taken on the BEST HOLIDAY I HAVE EVER BEEN ON. This was a girls’ holiday and it was around 5 days of fun, drinking and laughs. It was bloody boiling and all.

So there you are, I hope you have enjoyed looking at my favourite Instagram photos, I sure have!

Please leave me a comment telling me what your favourite social media is :)…don’t forget you can FOLLOW me on Instagram, find me @snosh90 🙂

Thank you for reading,

Roshni xxx


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Green Foiled Cream Eyeshadow Review from Born Pretty Store

I’m all up for make up products that make your life easier. If you are in a rush to get ready, one of the places you can save time is when creating an eyeshadow look.

I love products that can change your make up look dramatically with the least amount of effort, and the newest product I was kindly gifted from Born Pretty Store does just that. I actually have an exclusive 10% off discount code which you can use in the store…on top of that they offer free shipping worldwide too!

The product I got was this Highlighting Eyeshadow, which is only $1.99 and I chose the number 05 which is a gorgeous olive-y green shade. It is a curious little thing as it comes in a little round plastic ball with a screw top, where it holds a doe foot applicator so although it says powder, it’s actually more like a cream eyeshadow consistency.

What I also love is the colour range, if you take a look below you’ll see just how many colours they have!


The best thing about these is that although they come with a teeny tiny price tag, they actually swatch really pigmented and they last very well too. I’d recommend using a thin eyeshadow primer with these just to make sure it holds well, but other than that the quality is excellent and I’m definitely impressed.


As you can see I swatched this in different lights so you can see the colour payoff…what was interesting was that in warmer lights (like top right) it actually comes off more silvery than in cooler toned light.

I really love this and a quick swipe of this on the eyelid (and a blend, don’t get me wrong) as you are getting ready will help to make your make up more interesting and make it look like you’ve spent ages on it!

Remember, you can use the code RO1H10 on Born Pretty Store’s…store, to get 10% off!

Thanks for reading guys,

Roshni xxx


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The Winter Beauty Routine Edit

Hi Everyone!

In the past two weeks in the UK it’s definitely felt a lot colder. This is the sign of winter edging it’s way nearer to us, which means soon the evenings will start to get darker and all of a sudden you’ll be craving things like soup and hot chocolate.

When we start to move into Autumn/Winter there are a few things that I do to change my skincare and beauty routine around, which I like to call the Winter Beauty Routine Edit.


I’ve included TEN things you can do to shift your beauty routine into 5th gear and keep your skin and make up looking and feeling great even when it’s cold and dark and gloomy!

    1. Layer your moisturisers – using more than one moisturiser or moisturising method can boost your skincare massively. I am currently liking layering a Vitamin E moisturising face mist with the Clinique Moisture Surge!
    2. Carry around at least 4 lip balmslip balms are your friend as it moves towards winter – the harsh cold winds and increased use of heating can lead to dehydration leaving your mouth prone to cracking and dryness – EW.
    3. End your shower with a burst of colder water on your hair – ending your shower with a luke warm to cold burst of water helps to flatten your follicles which makes your hair shinier. It can also help to reduce frizz!
    4. Shower in the eveningthis is more of a personal tip – basically if you hate getting up early, and hate the fact in winter it’s really dark when you get up, shower in the evening so you get optimum sleeping time!
    5. Baths and bath bombsThis is where you add the luxury to your bath and skincare routine. Indulge in some splurging at Lush and order some bath bombs to treat your skin to a soak!
    6. Once a week, use a body scrubAlthough less people are seeing parts of your body, it doesn’t mean you have to forget about it! Use a good body scrub like the Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub to keep your skin smooth and to buff away any dead skin cells – AGAIN, EW.
    7. Use a good foot cream – I don’t really wanna have to explain this one but it’s similar to the point above and, oh TRIPLE EW.
    8. Have a make up clear out – Take this as your chance to get rid of any manky old mascaras, any bacteria laden powders or dusty old lipsticks and clear them out! Use this time to refresh your make up collection for winter, remembering you want moisturising products – and you can experiment with plummier moodier colours if you are brave enough!
    9. Invest in a good liquid eyeliner – The windier, rainier and more torrential the weather gets, the more your make up is vulnerable to attack on a daily basis. Investing in a good LONG LASTING liquid eyeliner will stop you looking like a panda!
    10. Morrocanoil – This stuff is a god send! Smoothing a small amount of this through the ends of your hair is great for keeping hair in good condition during winter. My favourite way to use this is to warm a few drops in the palms of my hands for a few minutes and then hold the ends of my hair in my palm – the warmer the oil the better it will take to your hair (not like 100 degrees or anything!)

I hope you have found this useful to read as winter begins to knock at the seasonal front door like an unwelcome carol singer.

Please feel free to leave me a comment!

ALSO – don’t forget you can watch my latest Youtube video by clicking the image below, OR go to the Youtube tab at the top of my blog!!! Have added a link to my menu 🙂


Thank you for reading lovely people,

Rosh xxx


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Zoella Let’s Spritz Body Mist- Better than the first?

Hello everyone!

Today I have a quick review for you which is based around the Zoella beauty range – more specifically the body mists that she has launched in BOTH rounds of her beauty products. I tried a number of products from her original collection and loved most of them – the fizz bar smelled amazing and the candle I instantly burned out!

In particular one of my favourite things that I completely used up was the Blissful Mistful body mist. This was a really unique scent to me, I hadn’t ever smelled anything like it. It was packaged in an orange metal and glass spray bottle, so this made me think it smelled a bit like oranges too. It was generally very citrus-y and fresh which I really liked.

As I said I used that all up, then right on time (do do do do do – I’m thinking of that really old song sing it in your head!) she launched her second round of beauty products! These are themed around ‘Tutti Frutti’. I hate the way Frutti looks as a word, it looks like it should be pronounced ‘Frutty’ and that makes me feel a bit sick.


I was a bit sceptical about how this would smell/look/smell…but one thing you can be confident about when trying something from the Zoella ranges is that it will not smell like anything you’ve ever smelled before! (should I say the word smell some more?)

This new spray called ‘Let’s Spritz’ is the complete opposite of the first body mist. This one is in a blue and pink bottle with a white lace print covering the back. The packaging follows the same theme as the previous range just with tweaks in colour and accents but it’s still very pretty!

zoella let's spritz tutti frutti

Right I’ve just grabbed the bottle to smell. So….it smells…powdery (talcum powdery new cleaned up baby smell) but at the same time it’s quite lemony and fresh. Don’t let the pink liquid put you off – the range is meant to be geared towards teens. The mist seems like it would be very sweet and a bit sickly from the packaging, but actually I think it is rather grown up – so I’m pretty impressed with that!

It’s a steal at £7 currently in Superdrug, and I think I will end up swapping between this one and the original because I love them both!

Have you tried anything else from the Zoella Tutti Frutti (shudder) range?

Thanks for reading!

Roshni xxx


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