Favourite Mascara of the Moment

I thought I’d do a small post on a product that delivers BIG.

It’s the Maybelline ‘The Falsies’ Volum’ Express Black Drama mascara (foof, long name). I know a lot of people rave about this, but it really is worth the hype. Coming in at a very reasonable  £7.99, this product can trump those that cost around three times as much. Usually, the go to mascara for me is Benefit ‘Bad Gal’, which has the most obese of brushes and is great for lengthening and separating. However the only thing that bothers me about it is that after a while, the pigment in the mascara tends to look a bit ashy on the lashes, which detracts from the actual length of the lashes.

That’s why this mascara rules. It lengthens, it curls beyond belief, it separates AND it has a really black finish (yes, black drama apparently). It is quite easy to take off, but it doesn’t disintegrate throughout the day, so it is a perfect every day mascara that is still build able for evening looks.


This to me, is superior to the Maybelline ‘Great Lash’ mascara, because once I think I tried the waterproof version of this and still had remnants of it on my face about a week after (not a good look). Although it doesn’t quite have the same effect as applying a strip of false lashes, it still does a pretty good job!


I have attempted a little before and after so if anyone is considering purchasing, you can see the effects.


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Passion for Pink!

At the moment, I am really loving pastel pinks, which is very unlike me. I usually like slightly darker or brighter pinks, be it in nail polish, clothing or make up form. Recently, I have been a bit braver and have been trying lighter more pastel-y colours, probably because we are almost at summer time :).

I went to a shopping centre yesterday and failed to resist the lure of the Mac counter. As usual, it was the standard ‘edge your way nearer to the products by using the borderline socially acceptable nudge’ process, but I managed to get my mitts on a new Mac Mineralize Blush in ‘Dainty’ and a Cremesheen lipstick in ‘Creme Cup’.


Now, the blush is really beautiful, I had been looking at buying a Mineralize Blush for a while now. It is a really nice peachy pink, with slight gold shimmer. I haven’t used this properly yet, but I already know that I’m going to love it. Usually day to day I use Mac ‘Mocha’ matte powder blush, which is a very muted dark pink. I am in a bit of a love hate relationship with Mocha, simply because some days it looks beautiful and some it looks a tad ruddy. Whenever I think of the word ‘ruddy’ it always makes me think of Hagrid from Harry Potter!

Mac Mineralize Blush in 'Dainty'
Mac Mineralize Blush in ‘Dainty’


I thought this would be perfect for day or evening in summer time, and the slight gold shimmer is just enough to lift the cheeks, and not make it look like you are going to a 90’s disco.

Moving onto the lipstick I picked up in ‘Creme Cup’, this is a bit of a weird one for me. I do love pastel pinks at the moment, but this is a dangerous look as I have asian skin. I usually hate the way light lipsticks look on me, but for some reason I actually quite like this. Even better is if I layer this with ‘Hug Me’ by Mac, which is a Lustre lipstick. I think with a dark smokey eye, this will look really nice. (Sorry the pic is a bit blurry)



As you know Mac is a bit pricey, so the two product came to £35 in total, but they do last forever so I think it’s worth it :). I will now have to restrain myself from shops, at least until next pay day…3 weeks…not that I’m counting or anything.

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Cleansing the Week Away…

I have been eyeing up Clinique’s ‘Take the Day Off’ cleansing balm for a good few months now. It is a bit of a pricey cleanser, but I had heard so many rave reviews about it and thought it would be brilliant as more of a weekly deep cleanser, for those days when you have more time to really pamper yourself.

Now, I had no idea that it would be so difficult to find somewhere other than Boots. I even tried at Clinique duty free in Birmingham Airport and they didn’t have it, grumbly face. So in the end I bought it online at Boots. I thought the balm would be really solid, but it makes sense that it is more like a putty.


My funky blue flannel!
My funky blue flannel!

What I really like about this balm is that you only need a small amount for one cleanse, and it really feels like it does good as you massage it over your face. I did this at my bathroom sink, first I filled up the basin with some warm water ready for rinsing. I took a small blob of the balm/putty, and massaged it between my fingers. Then I just swept this over my face in circular motions and watched as the grime disintegrated (gross). Then once my face had been massaged and made to look like a clown face, I took my flannel and soaked it in the warm water, and wrung it out. I have to say, it felt SO good to have a  hot flannel sweeping the balm off my face. It really is a more luxurious cleanser than your bog standard micellar water on a cotton pad, or baby wipe.

The way I sampled this product looks like I just lunged at it with my paws
The way I sampled this product looks like I just lunged at it with my paws

It did feel a bit unnatural, rubbing the product over my eyes but hey ho, it still managed to take off my mascara (think I was wearing Benefit Bad Gal Lash which is my ultimate favourite). I also think I was a tad overexcited and may have rubbed the products INTO my eyeballs, hence I had slightly watery eyes once I had rinsed.

All in all, I really like this product and will most definitely re-purchase. I get the feeling it is going to last a long time, so it will be a while before I have to dip back into my purse for it. As I said, I will probably use this more as a ‘take off the week’ rather than a ‘take off the day’ cleanser, so it is more of a treat than everyday routine :).

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Tanya Burr Lip Gloss Review – Aurora

I have followed Tanya on Youtube for about a year now, and I was so pleased for her when she revealed she had a Lips and Nails range coming out. I was a bit late to the party, but I popped into my local Superdrug to pick out a shade of her new lip gloss range to try out.

I went for the shade ‘Aurora’, and I must admit part of me was convinced this was the right one for me because of the name (hmm makes sense…no?) The name ‘Aurora’ makes me think of the film Sleeping Beauty, and when I saw the colour it made perfect sense for it to be named so.

The gloss itself has a slight shimmer, but is packed full with pigment. I wasn’t expecting the colour to be so strong, but actually it’s one of the best things about it.

‘Aurora’ – Tanya Burr Lip Gloss


The consistency is quite thick, and the doe foot applicator means it is really easy to apply. As I said, this lip gloss really goes on the colour it is in the tube.

I wear this to work regularly, and the great thing is it wears off slowly and evenly. Some lip glosses start to disappear at the centre of your pout, but this really has great staying power due to the impressive pigment. After about 8 hours, you can still see a pretty pink tint on the lips, but it doesn’t leave them dry or chapped.

So glad this didn’t fall over…

You can tell that Tanya has had heavy involvement in the formula and colours, because they really are great quality glosses. 🙂 Thumbs up from me!

My attempt at an innovative swatch…
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A Liquid Eyeliner thats stays put!


A product I have been loving recently has been the Loréal Paris Super Liner Black Lacquer.

In my teens, I used to use the Barry M liquid liner, but the big problem I had with that product was that throughout the day it would smudge a lot, and would look really messy. I decided to try this eye liner about a month ago, and really like the thin but flex nib that allows you to create really precise flicks.




Every now and then I have been wearing this to work. What is great, is that I have found after a long day, even when I’ve been rubbing my eyes out of tiredness when I get home it still looks perfect. A slight disadvantage that comes from this is that it can be quite difficult to get off, but using Simple Eye Make Up Remover tends to do the trick. I’ve yet to get eye liner flicks even on both eyes, but now I have found this product, I might actually get it right for once!

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Yves Saint Laurent Volupté Sheer Candy – Tasty Raspberry


12 - 'Tasty Raspberry'
12 – ‘Tasty Raspberry’


On a recent holiday to Mallorca, I was a bit naughty at duty free. As well as picking up a couple of Salted Almond Toblerones (YUM) for my two sisters, I also perused the make up counters.

I was originally looking for Clinique Take the Day off cleansing balm, but for some reason you can only seem to get it online. Then I stumbled across the YSL stand, and was very tempted by the glosses and lipsticks. I chose this Glossy Balm Crystal Colour in 12 – ‘Tasty Raspberry’ (whataname).


I can usually tell if a lipstick or gloss will suit me without having to swatch it, and the shimmery peach hue of this gloss balm looked right up my street. I can’t remember exactly how much it was, but it was pricey (I think I was too excited to remember). With gorgeous packaging, and a sheer, non-sticky finish it really is a great subtle gloss. Although, due to the price I am trying to wear it only on special occasions…but that hasn’t really worked recently :).

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