Beauty Blender – Is it any better than normal make up sponges?!


I’ve used a couple of make up sponges and each time I’ve called them ‘beauty blenders’ and not thought anything of it. When technically, THIS is a beauty blender and all the other sponges I’ve used are just generic!

I had been curious about the official Beauty Blender for a while and I thought it was about time I saw what the fuss was all about. I have posted before about my experience using a make up sponge  and I had used a sponge from Spectrum Collections which I did quite like, but it tore quite easily.

My second sponge experience (lol) was the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Perfector or whatever it is and THAT I realllllly liked! It was so affordable and I was amazed at how well it blended my foundation. I reviewed that here if you want to read! <3

So when I knew that I could get a Beauty Blender with a small discount from Birchbox (I have a monthly subscription box) I jumped at the chance! It usually sells for £16 but I must have had a 10% off code or something. I can’t really remember as it was so long ago!


I ordered something for my sister when I got this just before she was due to go to Australia so it meant I had to wait like 2 months before I could try it out lol.

So the Beauty Blender itself is quite firm and it’s longer than your usual make up sponge. This is actually a great feature because it means it’s very easy to get into the inner corner of your eye (and not stab yourself) when you’re blending concealer. It’s a lovely vibrant pink which means you’ll never lose it!

What I love the most about the beauty blender and it was something I was quite surprised by, was how little water it retains. That’s what my bug bear was about the Real Techniques sponge (though, that is alot more affordable so I can let it slide). The beauty blender holds just the right amount of water that means that you can start using it pretty much straight after dampening.

I reckon this was why my first sponge got so teary (not tears, I mean rippy teary lol) so quickly. All in all I’m loving my beauty blender and I’m intrigued to see how it cleans! MAN I wish it would clean itself…go on, Go! Pleassssse

Have you guys tried the Beauty Blender? 🙂

What are your thoughts?

Lots of love,

Roshni (it feels good to be blogging more regularly again :D)

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