Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Polish – ‘Kiss Me Quick’

A few days ago I posted my Boots Mini Haul #3 where I picked up this Barry M pastel pink ‘Quick Dry’ shade (Kiss Me Quick). Generally I’m not too keen on having light colours on my nails and I opt for more dark, purpley burgundy shades. As it is moving more towards spring I’m just going for colours that I like in the bottle, turns out that I actually quite like the way this looks!


I described it to someone at work as ‘a bit Nicki Minaj’ on me, as my skin is brown and bright/pastel colours can look very striking. I guess the main selling point about this nail polish is the ‘quick dry’, for me that isn’t really something I need because I religiously use Seche Vite on top of any nail polish I use.


On first application, this nail polish is the exact opposite of what you want. It’s streaky, thin and blotchy. Then, if you wait for a few seconds for that to dry a little and apply the second coat and it takes on a brilliantly shiny and opaque finish. I found that a third coat was plenty for it to look pastel-ly and very professional!

Obviously the thing you guys all want to know about is if it is, in fact, QUICK DRYING. Well, I have to say I am actually really impressed. It does dry much quicker than usual polishes, but because you have to layer the coats it is still vulnerable to smudging as most polishes are. I think for me, the colour is the most attractive thing about it and the fact that it dries a bit quicker than normal polishes less of a selling point.

OH MY GOODNESS because I took the images for this post the other day I forgot about the thing that made me have a grump. Right, you see the black checkered lid? Well, don’t open the nail polish if you have warm hands. That colour will transfer onto your skin, and this really frustrated me because the polish itself is great, to have such poor cheap packaging disappointed me.

Look at the damage below:


What do you guys think? Have you tried any of these polishes?

Thanks for reading!

Rosh 🙂 xx

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