A Liquid Eyeliner thats stays put!


A product I have been loving recently has been the Loréal Paris Super Liner Black Lacquer.

In my teens, I used to use the Barry M liquid liner, but the big problem I had with that product was that throughout the day it would smudge a lot, and would look really messy. I decided to try this eye liner about a month ago, and really like the thin but flex nib that allows you to create really precise flicks.




Every now and then I have been wearing this to work. What is great, is that I have found after a long day, even when I’ve been rubbing my eyes out of tiredness when I get home it still looks perfect. A slight disadvantage that comes from this is that it can be quite difficult to get off, but using Simple Eye Make Up Remover tends to do the trick. I’ve yet to get eye liner flicks even on both eyes, but now I have found this product, I might actually get it right for once!

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