5 Things you only realise once you’ve cut your hair short…

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In January I cut my hair short, it was quite long but I had ombréd (just realised this isn’t a verb) it around 3-4 times and they ends had got very dry and brittle. The chop was much needed and my hair is definitely healthier and thicker. I also dyed it back to dark brown as once I had it cut I still had some red ombré bits poking out at the bottom of my graduated bob.

Now I have had this cut for a few months I have been thinking of doing a little mini guide, to either PREPARE you for a long to short hair transition, PREWARN you or make you excited for biting the bullet.

On the whole I know that I made the right decision, but jeez as soon as I cut my hair off, this are the main things that I realised:

1. You can no longer forego a scarf

 When my hair was long, I admit I used to use it as a bit of a scarf. Now I have to actually USE normal scarves, which is great and cumbersome at the same time. It’s a hard life.

2. Your whole dressing style has to change

Things that you could wear before without a doubt in your mind, you either can’t wear now or have to really think about how to put outfits together with them. I have now found that nice little dresses and tops with collars looked great before, but now when I wear them because I have quite a baby face I just look 9 years old. Like I’m going to a party where we are going to play pass the parcel. (I liked that game in fairness, but not when you get the worst sweets out of the bunch when it lands on you and it’s just a layer of paper :'().

3. Having long hair can actually be quite slimming 

The only reason I say this, is because I have realised the reverse of this since having my hair cut. By the reverse, I mean that having your hair short can make your figure look quite different. I have started to notice more how my neck, shoulders and arms look simply because beforehand they were partially covered by my length of hair and now they aren’t!

Cue some running and a partially more active interest in exercise. (Yeah everyone should be the size they want and blah blah but hey, #justbeinreal)

4. Wait until the time is right to curl your hair

I remember a few weeks after I had my hair short, I thought ‘hmm this might look quite nice with it curled!’ What I failed to remember that was because I went for a graduated bob, the section at the back of my hair basically rested on my neck. This meant it was VERY SHORT, and hence could only just about go through straighteners. I did however try to curl my hair, and I ended up looking like one of those Betty Spaghetti dolls, but one that had been put in a tumble dryer. I think I’m now going to wait until my hair is at least shoulder length before I try again *slaps forehead*.

5. The first time you go to tie your hair up into a pineapple onto the top of your head, you will feel sadness

This probably pains me the most of all the points I have made here today *holds up hand in scouts honour gesture*. I now long for the relief and that feeling of tying your hair up into a messy but OH SO comfortable bun on the top of my head. I have to make do with either two clips (one for the top and bottom), a dissatisfyingly low bun, or PIGTAILS. Can you imagine.

I know I’ve been pretty short hair bashy in this post, but when I say I made the right decision, I do believe that. This is because it will make my hair much healthier when I grow it back to being LONG AND LUSCIOUS AND LENGTHY. LONG LONG LENGTH.

Do you have anything to add to this list? 🙂

Roshni xxx

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