5 Things That Definitely Happen When You Get Your Hair Cut…

Hi Guys! 

I sometimes find getting my hair cut a socially harrowing experience. It’s an odd place all round I think, no matter what salons try to do, it is. You are trimming follicles that grow out of your head and going specifically to a place that does this all the time.

So I thought I’d talk about the 5 things that definitely cross our minds (or at least mine) when I’m at the hairdressers.


1 .It’s essentially one of the oddest places where they basically help you get dressed…

You are ready to get seated to get your hair cut and then they offer out a robe for you. Like a weird, silky tarpaulin for your neck but they have to offer it to you in the way where you know which arm you’re meant to lead with first.

Also, what hand do you hold your bag in?! The one that has to lead first or the second? This all adds together to be a very odd situation.

When you get the robe thing on and they are doing it up for you – where the hell do you look. Directly into their eyes? NO of course not. Me being short, at my most recent haircut I ended up at boob height so I just stared at the wall for what felt like an eternity.

2. They put what can only be described as a small round car mat around your neck…

It’s heavy, waterproof and feels very odd on your shoulders. It’s pretty uncomfortable too.

The thing I like the least is when the hairdresser walks off to do something, your phone battery dies *totes happened to me* and you are sitting looking around like WHAAAAA.

3. If they offer you a drink you have to watch like a ninja to find the right time to drink it…

To point 2, actually when they walk off is the opportune time to take a swig of your hot beveraaaaaarj. Don’t even try it when they are blow drying your hair, your head will get pulled to the right so quickly you will indefinitely scald yourself. SAFETY FIRST KIDS

4. You realise the core of your body is actually really weak…

Why is it so easy for them to make you lean either way as they are brushing or blow drying your hair?! You are safely sitting upright and then LEANNNNNNN they pull you over to the left with sheer force of their brush. *either this happens to everyone or I’ve just got really strong hair*

5. Distraction is the name of the game…

If you’ve lived on the edge and gone to the hairdressers with your hair on the cusp of socially unacceptab(ly) greasy then you have to do all you can to make it seem like your hair is as clean as a whistle. Distract them, do a dance, talk their ears off whatever AS LONG AS THEY DONT REALISE

Haha! Anyway these are MY observations…

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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Lots of love,

Rosh xxx

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