3 Things I’ve Hit Pan On

Most of you guys will know what that means, and will be nodding along thinking of the products that YOU have hit pan on.

Essentially, products that I have loved so much I have started to wear down right to the bottom. Maybe one of the reasons that I only have 3 things is that I actually have lots of things…which means that going shopping is even more dangerous…particularly if the shopping destination has a MAC or Boots.

OK, so here is a run down of the three powder products I have hit pan on:

1. MAC ‘Fleur Power’ Satin Powder Blush – 

I think this was the first MAC blush I had ever used. It is quite a bright blush, but only a little is needed and it has great lasting power. I usually use a flat top make up brush such as the buffing brush from ‘Real Techniques’ which is good for applying just where you want it. I now use ‘Dainty’ daily, which is a light pink ‘MAC Mineralise’ blush and has lovely tiny gold shimmer running through it. You can see that I’m a swirler…



 2. Rimmel Stay Matte Translucent Powder – 

This powder is brilliant for setting concealer, and I couldn’t do my make up without it! So great for long days in the office or when you are out at a sweaty club for the whole evening! (ew, I know). I just use the translucent shade, and that is enough to keep everything in place. You can see how battered my powder is, and how many times I have dropped it because of the cracks in the plastic case!



3. Benefit ‘Hoola’ Bronzer – 

Now obviously I am Indian, so I don’t really need a bronzer. I guess I use this more as a powder on days when I feel paler, and sometimes a contour if I am trying to make my round face look slightly less round. This shade is ideal as it’s not too dark, or orange toned. I also have a Nars Laguna bronzer but I actually think that could be more orange toned than this, so I use that quite sparingly.



What are your favourite products that you’ve hit pan on? 🙂

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