If You Love Make Up and Beauty, These Should Be On Your Christmas Wishlist…

EXCLUSIVE – **I am so excited for Christmas!! I will be unboxing a VERY special Beauty Advent Calendar for you, so keep your eyes open! **

Hi Guys!

There are some amazing Christmas make up gift ideas out there and some even more amazing sales on too…especially as retailers are trying to prolong the Black Friday effect!

Here I’m going to round up the things that should be on your Christmas Wishlist if you love make up and beauty as much as I do (which is a hell of a lot, haha!). These would also make great gifts for the lovely ladies (and men) in your life if they are into beauty and make up.

I can tell you for a fact that out of all the beauty retailers, the one that has surprised me and impressed me the most is actually Selfridges! Just browsing their Christmas beauty gifts shop I can see brand upon brand that people love and really gorgeous, luxury gift sets and ones that are much more affordable.

Here we go!


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