Quick & Easy Glitter Gradient Winged Eyeliner – Blue!

Blue Glitter Gradient Winged Eyeliner - Quick and Easy!

Hellooooo Everybadeh! (Am thinking of the doctor from the Simpsons as I say that out loud)…today I have an easy, quick blue glitter winged liner tutorial which is so simple but looks like you’ve put so much effort into it! This Stila Glitter Liner is AMAZING and seriously does not budge or transfer.

This video is around 5 mins, so take 5 mins out of your life to watch me doing my liner and desperately trying to get them to match…lol it’s not that bad I swear.

This look was created with 3 products and if you fancy recreating it here are the products you need so you can

SHOP THE LOOK (see what I did there)


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Karma Seven Helix Ear Cuffs – Adventurous…right?!

What I mean is that it’s adventurous for ME because I only have normal ear piercings. Other than a fleeting desire to get my nose pierced that’s as adventurous as I have been lol.

Karma Seven are an online jewellery company who sell amazing quality jewellery for a range of piercings, but for boring people like me they also do an amazing range of clip on items and cuffs which mean you can play around with your look without having to commit to a permanent hole in your skin 🙂 (sounds horrible when you put it like that).

I received two Clip On Helix Ear Cuffs (you can take a look at them here), which go on the upper part of your ear and look pretty cool as a subtle way to wear jewellery that is kinda different. I loved the simple look of these and they have just a touch of bling – don’t worry no magpies will come pecking at your ears.

I have reviewed earrings and ear cuffs from Karma Seven before and have always been blown away by the quality and sturdiness of their jewellery – if you wanted to read my previous reviews you can take a look by clicking here and here!)

The Clip On Helix Ear Cuffs were no different – instantly when I opened up the packaging I could feel how weighty the ear cuffs are and that’s not in a bad way! They are made from solid 925 silver (I don’t know the details but that means it’s silver and GOOD lol :)) and you can tell that when you handle them. Obviously as these are cuffs on a smaller part of your ear, they have a section you can expand and close so that part of it is bendy to allow you to securely wear it.

Karma Seven Helix Ear Cuff

Karma Seven Ear cuff

I’m hoping you can see the quality of these from the pictures, but as I’ve said these are amazing solid silver. The cuffs are by nature slightly more fiddly to put on but if you practice you can pull off these trendy, quite subtle little cuffs that add a touch of edge to your look.

Karma Seven Ear Cuffs On

I really love these ear cuffs, especially as there was NO pain involved to get my ear pierced!! Smiles all round! Haha 😀

What do you guys think, would a nose piercing suit me?

I’ve always imagined a really tiny stud like a little gem…but then the idea of pain has put me off!

Thanks for reading guys,

Roshni xxx


**These ear cuffs were kindly sent to me by Karma Seven to review, all opinions are genuine and my own**

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Seventeen Lipsticks – Seriously Underrated!

Out of all of my most used lipsticks, the one that I would say is the most affordable is a lipstick from the brand Seventeen. I only have two of these lipsticks but I would say they are some of my favourites!

I have a few MAC lipsticks in my collection, but you can get THREE 17 lipsticks for the price of one MAC one – and if you are looking for something moisturising, natural and sheer then I would definitely look at the Seventeen Mirror Shine lipsticks. They are such a bargain, at only £4.79!!!! That is insane for such a great quality lipstick, a lot of people are prepared to pay 3 – 4 times that for a lipstick nowadays.

The shade I have most recently bought is called ‘Belle’, which is a beautiful sheer pink with a hint of brown running through it. Usually before I use a lipstick I would always apply a lip balm so that my lips don’t get dry, but these lipsticks are so moisturising you don’t need to do that and they give such a natural finish.

17 belle lipstick

I also have the shade ‘Beehive’ which is a lighter, more nudey peachy colour which is just as beautiful as Belle. I have Belle in my handbag at the moment and I love it! I tend to just swipe these over my lips in the morning and because they are quite natural you can reapply easily if it wears off.

As the formula is sheer, I wouldn’t expect this to last for hours and hours. This is why it’s probably best to get the more nude, natural shades in this range. I would describe the formula for these lipsticks as ‘juicy’, which is a term that makes me cringe and want to crawl into a hole at the same time, but it is the best way to describe them.

17 belle lipstick swatch

As you can see from the swatch, this lipstick is very sheer and it’s not meant to last on your lips forever – it’s more of a wash of colour. Saying that though, if you have thin lips I would say because these are sheer, with a good lip liner they would help to plump up your lips and you could just easily reapply over the top if it wears off.

These lipsticks also come with a mirror inside the packaging!

17 lipstick mirror

Other than these lipsticks, I do like the 17 nail varnishes as they do some really gorgeous colours.

Is there anything else amazing from the 17 range that I might not have tried yet?

I hope you enjoyed this review!

Thanks for reading!

Love Roshni xxx


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What’s In My Missguided Handbag!

Hello Errybody,

So today I have an updated What’s In My Bag to bring you where I grab my Missguided hand bag and show you the contents! Completely unplanned, no idea what’s in there (but luckily there wasn’t anything too embarrassing in there, phew).

This is an update because I previously did the same video but for my Topshop black handbag that I had (I will link that below this one). If you watch the two you will see what 9 months of hair growth has done to my hair!! Haha!


Thanks for watching/reading!!

Lots of love,

Roshni xxx


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Dream Sun Bronzer – A bit of a disappointment…

During a venture to Boots not long ago, I stumbled across a product that I thought would change my blush/bronzer game forever!

I am a big fan of multi tasking products as they save so much space, time and effort and they happen to be great for travelling. So imagine my glee when I saw the Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzer and Blush in one  which looked right up my street.

I loved the idea that in summer when it’s all sunny and colourful I could just dip a brush into this pan, swirl it around and get the perfect mix of blush and bronzer to get a bit of a summer glow. The shade I bought was ‘Golden Tropics’ which was quite a light bronzer powder with a pretty pastel pink blush section in it.

Dream Sun Bronzer - Golden Tropics

This has a screw on lid which I thought was quite a good touch – sometimes compacts like this just have a weak plastic cover that you push onto them which can often break, but this one was a bit more sturdy.

Moving onto the actual powder itself, this bloody stinks. It has SUCH a strong smell, like really intense parma violets (which I happen to hate the smell of). In fact, I’d go as far as to say that the smell actually puts me off using it and makes it an even clearer point to me, that this is a product which has perfume in it.

So, if this compact had a really good colour pay off or something like that, I MIGHT be able to give it a second chance. Most disappointingly, this product has a serious lack of colour and lasting pigment. I tried to swatch this for you guys a good two – three times and couldn’t get a very good picture to show you:

Dream Sun Bronzer 3

You can see from the above picture that the most pigmented part of this compact is the blush, the bronzer is neither here nor there. This bronzer and blush contains shimmer throughout the whole thing as well, so if you are after something more matte stay away from this. There is another shade of this bronzing compact available (a darker one) but I’m unconvinced whether this would really change my opinion of it.

In the pan this looks REALLY nice, but unfortunately that’s as far as it goes :(.

Dream Sun Bronzer 2

Have you tried any good bronzer/blush compacts that you can recommend? That don’t stink? Haha!

Thanks for reading errybody,

Roshni xxx


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