My Make Up Collection and Storage!

Hello Errybody 🙂

I have a pretty exciting video for you – something that follows on from my room tour that went up two weeks ago…in this video I show you my entire make up collection! I say entire collection it’s not exactly big but it is just right for me and my face!

I take you through what’s in my drawers (of the Muji variety) and show you some of my favourite things ranging from lipsticks to foundations to highlighters!

thumbnail 1

Hope you enjoy watching it!

Thanks guys,

Roshni xxx

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A Mini MAC Haul!

Hello Guys!

Happy Friday 🙂

I was lucky enough to get a MAC gift card at Christmas (which feels ages ago I know) but I decided that now was the time to spend it so I bought a couple of items I’d had my eye on for a while.

Mini MAC Haul

Sometimes I love buying stuff from MAC and sometimes I think ‘Well, you’re expensive for what you are’. Often it’s possible you could nip to Boots and get something just as good, but there’s something about the way that MAC is packaged, marketed and presented that just means it’s in such high demand – and reputation IS everything after all (hah, not).

One of the main things I wanted to get using my gift card was the MAC Strobe Cream. Usually when buying from more expensive make up stores I’ll try to limit myself to multitasking products and strobe cream is definitely one of those things. You can mix strobe cream into your foundation to give you an extra glow or you could use it on it’s own as a beautiful Unicorn colour highlight – it’s like fairy dust in a tube.

I bought the travel size which was £10, I placed my order online as well for ultimate ease and no wading through teenagers huddling around the lipstick stands *thumbs up all round*

MAC Strobe Cream

You can see the gorgeous purpley/lilac reflection off the explosion that happened in the top of the cap! Lol I just used that to highlight my arm, as you do (I just wanted to see what it looked like, there was quite a lot so my whole arm was on fleek).

This will probably last me forever which is why I didn’t think it was necessary to buy the full size – travel size is enough for me!

The second thing I got was this gorgeous mini eyeshadow palette which is the Dusky Rose x 9 palette. I’m not sure if these are limited edition or not but they are advertising them for £25 at the moment, which I think is down from £30.

MAC Dusky Rose Times Nine 1

MAC Dusky Rose Palette 1

These are probably at least half the size of a normal MAC pan, which I don’t think is clear from the website but it definitely is a mini version, like travel size.

These shadows are gorgeous and really versatile – if you think about it I could totally use these for eyebrows and even for highlight if I wanted to.

I have swatched all the shades below so take a look!

MAC Eyeshadow Palette Dusky Rose - Swatches!

I haven’t used this palette yet but I can’t wait to – let me know if you want to see me create a look with this!

With the order came a free Prep and Prime sample which I also can’t wait to use – it’s so diddy it’s perfect for travel, this is definitely a lil travel sized haul!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading,

Lots of love,

Roshni xxx


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The Best Heat Protectant Spray…

Hi All! 

I have a mini review for you today…I’ve been trying this heat protectant from Toni & Guy for about a month now and I am loving the scent. Using heat protectant on your hair before styling or applying heat is SO important – when I do my hair and I don’t use heat protectant, BOY do I know about it.

I have had a tumultuous relationship with heat protectants. I FELL IN LOVE with the Dove heat protectant spray which smelled like fruits and berries and I’ve not been able to find it since then :'(. Then I tried a Got2B one and was completely digusted…the consistency was sticky and tacky and it didn’t smell delightful either.

So now I have found a heat protectant that I actually like I am most pleased!!

Toni & Guy Heat Protection Mist

This heat protectant mist protects against 230 degree heat from straighteners, hair dryers and curlers so this is perfect for everyday styling. The scent you get from this mist is essentially ‘I’ve been to the salon’, so it’s a really fresh, zingy scent that is really lovely to have in a mist.

This is the best heat protectant I’ve used since the Dove one! I still pine after that though…

Thanks for reading you lot,

Rosh xxx


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How To Style Tan Leather Boots

Hello Everyone! 

I have a really simple but stylish summer look to bring to you…it’s not often that I do fashion posts because I’m more confident with make up but sometimes opportunities (like good weather and a conveniently shedding blossom tree) come along and present themselves and you just have to take advantage.

The spotlight is on these gorgeous Sole Diva tan leather heeled boots from JD Williams, that are available in wide fit and are the softest most amazing quality leather, made in a beautiful *warm yet cool* tan colour.

JD Williams Wide Fit Tan Leather Boots

These are classic boots that will go with so many outfits, but I chose to style them quite casually with a cute t shirt and little dainty jewellery details. These boots are just the right heel height for me, being quite petite. If you want to take a look at the other ankle boots available to buy on the JD Williams site you can click here! The quality of them is amazing, definitely better than your cheaper end high street stores.

These boots are casual enough for day to day but you could easily dress these up a bit by wearing a skirt and tights for more of an evening look. I particularly like the black elastic section which adds another little edge so the boot colour is broken up a bit, I actually think this helps to elongate your legs too!

What Outfit to Wear With Tan Leather Boots!

Outfit details:

Khaki Duster Coat – New Look

Life’s a Peach T Shirt – Topshop Petite (by Tea and Cake)

Topshop jeans

JD Williams Sole Diva Ankle Boots

Next Sunglasses

**photography by…my mum :’)

Life's A Peach Grey Topshop T Shirt

**the boots were kindly gifted to me, all opinions and comments are my own**

JD WIlliams Tan Leather Boots

How would YOU style these tan ankle boots?

I love a good ankle boot me…in fact I think I have at least 3-4 pairs…**hey who said that, that’s not true**


Thanks for reading!

Love, Roshni xxx


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My Room Tour! How to Make the Best of a Small Space…

Hello All!

I have a video for you today which shows you all around my room and how I’ve tried to transform a very small space into a little haven where I can get ready, relax anddddd sleep! Haha 🙂

I love watching videos like this myself and lusting over amazing homeware things that people have got and dreaming of having a larger room to cram more amazing homeware things into lol, so take a look at my room tour – I hope you like it!


Have an amazing weekend everyone!

Lots of love,

Roshni xxx


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Barry M Gelly Nail Polish – Black Grape

I love a good nail polish and black is one of my favourite colours to wear as it looks so chic and clean. So imagine my elation when I see that Barry M have brought out a range of ‘Blacks’ which have slight tints to them – blues, purples and greens!! I have just discovered that this range is called ‘Midnight Gellies’ and that pleases me even more, haha.

I know we’ve been having amazing weather recently so to post about a black nail polish is a bit weird, but this is such a beautiful shade I couldn’t resist (plus if you were looking for something more summery take a look at my other Barry M review, it’ll be much more up your street!)

Barry M Gelly Nail Polish - Black Grape

The shade I am wearing in the picture above is called ‘Black Grape’ and it’s a gorgeous, glossy black with a hint of midnight blue running through it. I applied two coats and this really built up the black intensity but in certain lights you can see the blue undertone to it. I’d love to try the purple one as well as that would look gorge – particularly in Autumn!

Barry M - Black Grape

This is such a flattering colour and can help to elongate your nails if you have filed them into the right shape – I tend to keep the tip squared off and then round the edges a little to make sure I don’t maim someone.

What do you think to ‘Black Grape’?!

Thanks for reading,

Rosh xxx


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OGX Biotin & Collagen Haircare – My god this smells insanely good…

biotin and collagen ogx

OGX is a brand that I have always loved – whenever I go into Boots I always sneakily wander past the haircare aisle to see if there are any offers on the brand because that’s when I love to pick up supplies and try out new ranges :).

I have been using these OGX Thick & Full Biotin and Collagen products for a few weeks now and I have to say I’m really blown away by the quality and the amazing scent that these products have. Since chopping my hair last year into a short bob I have been really trying to take care of my hair and use products that will promote hair growth and health.

The first products I tried were the shampoo and conditioner – I LOVE LOVE LOVE the packaging of this range. The deep purple and fancy gold colours really scream amazing quality and nourishing ingredients. The colours also make me think of a far eastern country and the scent of this range is so heady and musky and delicious. If you imagine like a really beautiful smelling eastern market with perfumes and incense and all amazing smells – that is how I would describe the scent of this range and you can definitely smell it on your hair after using it.

(how many times do I want to use the word and)

By the way, the reason the note in the picture above mentions Red Bull is because I had originally reviewed the Niacin & Caffeine range and was convinced that it smelled like Red Bull :’)

The Amplifying Lotion from this range is probably my most favourite product. I used this approximately 10 minutes ago, applying it to damp towel dried hair and running it through the ends. It’s kind of gel like and it smells just as I described – I wish they would launch this as a perfume! It really reminds me of this scent The Body Shop used to sell called ‘Tobacco Flower’ (this is taking me back lol).

OGX Biotin and Collagen - smells so good!

The oil is probably the product I’ve used the least but because this range has such an amazing smell I can’t wait to use it more – I seriously cannot rave about this range enough lol. I’m a preacher!

What is your favourite OGX range?! (It’s ok if you want to say ‘them all’ because I’d back you up big time)

Thank you for reading guys 🙂

Roshni xxx


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New Launch! Dirty Works – Coconut Body Wash

Hello All!

I have an exciting new launch to share with you – Dirty Works have launched a gorgeous Coconut Body Wash which will make you dream of golden sands and deep blue waters *insert heart eye emoji*. There’s something about coconut scents that scream summer – this launch from Dirty Works would go perfectly hand in hand with the Esteé Lauder Bronze Goddess Limited Edition perfumes and beauty products! You could even layer your scents to make them last longer <3.

Dirty Works Body Wash - Coconut

This body wash contains coconut oil and passionfruit extract to help keep your skin hydrated and smooth, with allantoin to help lock in even more moisture into your skin! In summer if you are getting your armies and leggies out then you know you need to keep your skin hydrated – I officially declare summer a no dry skin zone. 

Dirty Works Coconut Body Wash

What I’ve noticed about this body wash is that Dirty Works haven’t just gone and created a sickly sweet body wash and passed the scent off as coconut. The scent that you are left with from this body wash is a PURE coconut scent – fresh, not too sweet but completely refreshing. I really like the consistency of this too – a half arsed lather from a body wash is not pleasing.

Dirty Works Body Wash

I am enjoying using this body wash! It is perfect for using in the morning when you need to kinda clear the cobwebs from your brain. Dirty Works were kind enough to send me a coconut water to celebrate the launch too! This is an absolute bargain and it will last you ages – it only costs £2.50 and you can pick it up in a Sainsburys near you or online :D.

Have you tried anything from the Dirty Works range? 

Thanks for reading!

*This item was kindly gifted to me – all opinions and comments are my own…as always


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You need something in your life…it’s called ‘Fushi’

I discovered that the Fushi’ Really Good Hair Oil (DAMMIT WordPress stop auto-correcting this to Sushi) existed whilst on Instagram, one of the beauty bloggers I follow posted a picture of her empty bottle and I was very intrigued!

I had been looking for a hair oil that promotes healthy hair – something that hasn’t got lots of chemicals in it and has benefits of stronger, healthier hair after use. ‘Fushi’ Really Good Hair Oil is available from Feel Unique – that’s where I got mine from and it contains 98.5% organic ingredients! It even has a batch date on it…

Fushi Hair Oil!

I have started to use this twice a week, applying this into dry hair and massaging it right into the roots and lengths of my hair. This isn’t the kind of hair oil you could leave in your hair and go out with – it’s an oil so it looks like one, so unless you like the ‘Dipped in a Vat of Chip Fat’ look – don’t leave the house! Haha.

This oil contains Brahmi, Argan, Indian Jasmine and Coconut oil and the scent turns out to be quite jasmine-y, heady and incensey. I actually really enjoy using this oil because it isn’t massively heavy (considering the ingredients) and I quite like the scent.

Fushi Hair Oil 2

I have noticed my hair has been growing quite quickly recently, but I have been TRYING to do this and am therefore using a number of different products (like the OGX Niacin & Caffeine Shampoo & Conditioner and the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment). I have been using the hair oil twice a week and leaving it in for around 2 hours each time. If you REALLY want the oil to penetrate the hair you can use a hot steamy towel to wrap around your head once the oil is in (obvs) and it will soak in deeper into the hair shaft! (LOL shaft).

What kind of effect does it have on my hair? WELL look at the picture below – this shows you just how shiny my hair was after using the hair oil for the very first time:

Fushi Hair Oil Effect

I am really impressed! Now it’s become part of my weekly routine and I’m really enjoying using it and knowing it’s doing good for my hair…

Have you guys tried anything out from the Sushi, I mean, Fushi range?!

Thanks for reading guys,

Roshni xxx


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Barry M Gelly Nail Polish in ‘Blueberry’

Barry M Gelly Nail Polish - Blueberry

So, I’ll be honest with you. I wanted to buy something at the weekend. I’m trying not to spend money. I went to Boots. I took my Advantage card with me. I bought two nail polishes with the money what is points on a little plastic card. This equals a satisfied Roshni that Reviews.

Lol that’s not all of it, I had been looking at my nail polish like URGH YOU ALL DISGUST ME GET AWAY for a few weeks now and I needed a refresh. What better to match the BEEyootiful weather we have been having recently than a gorgeous blue that makes me think of the colour you use when you’re little and you want to draw the sky.

This is the shade ‘Blueberry’ from the Barry M Gelly range, which are nail polishes designed to give an amazing shiny finish reminiscent of gel polishes.

It’s the most lovely medium blue with a hint of lilac, it’s REALLY flattering (in my humble opinion) particularly if you have darker skin. Without looking too much like blue tack, it’s a very pretty (I want to say Periwinkle but that just sounds like something rude that’s been exposed in a Nandos) shade that I will be wearing a lot.

Barry M - Blueberry 2

If you have tried the Barry M Gelly nail polishes you will know that the formula of them is pretty special. They LOOK like Shellac or gels when used properly and I have definitely used the Gelly polishes before without top coats and they have been fine, just not lasted as long as when I do use one.

In the picture above I have used the Seche Vite top coat (click for link) – I’ve been through about 4 bottles of this in the past and so many people ask what I use so I point them in the direction of the good ol’ Seche Vite.

Squ-oval has been the shape of choice for me for a while now – I can’t stand sharp edges as I am convinced I will scratch a line down my face by accident and I prefer more of a square shape because this is more flattering for my hands (!)

All in all this was only two coats of ‘Blueberry’ and then a swipe of the Seche Vite top coat, within about a minute it was dry to touch and I could get on with my day!

Have you tried any of the shades from the Barry M Gelly range? I have bought another one so you will have to keep your eyes peeled for that one….:)

Thanks for reading, go enjoy the sunshine! If there is any where you are…

Roshni xxx


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