What to do when you’re in a Blogging Rut…

in a blogging rut 1

Quite honestly, my advice to you would be don’t blog. As in, don’t post – whatever you write will more than likely not be your best and you will not be happy with it (especially if you are as much of a fuss pot as me). Ironically, I am in one now (which you will think is weird as I am writing a post.) I wanted to share the way I deal with blogging ruts…

When you get stuck in a blogging rut, I really think the best thing is to embrace it and have a bit of a break! It doesn’t mean that you give up blogging, just make sure that you prepare posts when you feel like doing it and you’re passionate about something ūüôā

Usually, you will have the time you need away from your keyboard and then all of a sudden you’ll see something or think of an amazing idea and eventually storm your way towards your laptop to write something.

When you have a blog, there can be a lot of pressure to put up consistent content, but remember that if your content itself isn’t consistently up to your own standards then your readers will more than likely notice.

So I suggest you relax and read up on my tips of what to do when you ARE in that blogging rut…..

(These things are useful for relaxing AND for blogging ruts)

  • Read a magazine –

Whatever you blog about, it’ll be something that you were interested in BEFORE you started blogging. Try and remind yourself of how much you loved it before you started blogging about it – read a fashion, beauty, craft or lifestyle magazine and just sit with a hot chocolate and unwind :). Relaxing means that you will more than likely actually spark something within yourself which will give you some inspo for future blog posts when you’re ready…or not, which is perfectly fine too :).

  • Have a bath –

If you are a beauty blogger like me then having a bath means that you will get to use some lovely products that will really pamper you. A Lush bath bomb, a nice hair mask or a pampering soak will help you unwind and lose any stresses that might have been blocking your blogging know how.

  • Read other people’s blogs and DON’T feel bad about your own –

If you’re like me, reading other people’s blogs would have inspired you to start your own. Get caught up on the posts from your favourite big bloggers and any bloggers you talk to you regularly!¬†I’d take the opportunity to enjoy reading other people’s writing…this will be a good way to enjoy something as a reader rather than a writer ūüôā

  • Watch shitloads of Netflix –

Having a break is important to give your brain a bit of a rest. My programme of choice is Pretty Little Liars because I am a season behind so it means I can binge watch it without having to wait for an episode to come out, haha. Getting yourself mentally distracted will at least make you forget about any pressure you are putting on yourself to blog! It’s important to relax if you want to stay creative :).

  • Catch up on your social media –

Catching up on your favourite Instagrammers, Tweeters and Facebookers will remind you what is trending in the blogging arena that you are interested in…sometimes I love going on Instagram to immerse myself in filters, amazing landscapes and awesome make up collections. When you see people linking pictures and posts don’t feel guilt – just remind yourself you are taking a break and that when you are ready you will get right on back to blogging and being bloody awesome!!!

Hope you enjoyed reading…what do you guys do when you are stuck in a blogging rut?

Thanks for reading,

Roshni xxx


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MAC False Lashes Extreme Black Review

mac false lashes

Hello everybody!

I had this little MAC mini False Lashes Extreme Black mascara sitting in my Muji drawers for around a month before I realised I should really try it, as I’ve never had a MAC mascara before!

I’m a bit of a mascara addict…I tend to have a few open at the same time (sometimes they are better once they have dried up a bit!). My favourites at the moment are the Lash Sensational which I’ve mentioned more times than I’ve had Yazoo (which is a lot, chocolate). The products I tend to get the most from MAC are blushes, eyeshadows, eyeliners and lipsticks…I’d never even thought of trying a mascara from MAC simply because the drugstore do such good mascaras pennies in comparison.

The MAC False Lashes macara has a big fat brush – normally I would love this kind of mascara, but the more recent ones I have tried use more plastick-y brushes that are thinner.

mac false lashes extreme black 1

The formula is quite thin – I’m not sure if this is because it was a mini rather than a full size but I found that there wasn’t much in there! The fat brush probably took us most of the space in there lol. When I actually used the mascara, it was best for lengthening and separating rather than any volume. If they are aiming for an actual false lash effect, they are getting it bang on for length but I find with false lashes you get volume that you really can’t get with a basic mascara.

false lashes extreme black

This formula seemed quite dry – as you know there wasn’t much actual mascara in the mini that I had. I know that I wouldn’t bother getting a full size – when you can get two better drugstore mascaras for the price of one MAC mascara I don’t think it’s worth it!

What do you guys think, have you tried the MAC False Lashes Extreme Black mascara?

Thanks for reading ūüôā

Roshni xxx


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The Best Make Up Removers…

Hi all! 

I have tried a few different cleansers over the years and have a set of firm favourites that I can share with you all. There is no better feeling than taking your make up off at the end of the day and letting your skin breathe ūüôā (better still if you know you aren’t going to go anywhere where people might see your unmakeupped face).

There have been a lot of beauty bloggers saying that make up wipes are the devil and they are terrible for your skin! I think that using wipes is fine as long as you don’t move the dirt and make up around your face – use two wipes (1 to clean up the make up and 2 to fully cleanse the skin!)

I have 4 make up removers/cleansers to show you today that are definitely tried and tested ūüôā – number 4 evaded this picture, I have lost it, which is really annoying lol.


  1. Simple Kind To Eyes Make Up Remover –¬†

This eye make up remover is something that has been on my dressing table for as long as I can remember. A true favourite from when I was a teen (wow, makes me sound well old), this is perfect for sensitive skin and eyes and really does a great job of dissolving eye make up.

The way I use this is to use 1 make up wipe to remove my foundation, concealer etc and then I use the second to fold up, and I soak some of this eye make up remover onto it. Then I hold this over closed eyes, making sure that it covers my eyelashes. After about 10 seconds of holding this in place, the make up remover dissolves the make up so it wipes straight off. I use a corner to gently get the make up out of my eyelash roots but on the whole the remover does the best job to get most of the mascara, eyeliner or eyeshadow off! It’s also a steal at around ¬£2.99 – bargain!

2. Bioderma Micellar Solution

Now, feel free to try Bioderma if you want, but if I were you and you had never tried a micellar solution before, go for something cheaper. You can get Bioderma for around ¬£10, but there are so many cheaper versions nowadays like Nivea, Simple¬†and¬†Garner Micellar¬†and I’d say these options cost on average ¬£3!!!!

Bioderma is still really good, I’m not massively keen on the slightly chemically smell and it is VERY drying. It does a good job of removing make up but it is way too expensive for what it is.

3. The Body Shop Camomile Silky Oil Cleanser

Again, this product is around ¬£10-11 BUT the big difference between this and Bioderma is that this product is completely and whole heartedly worth the money. This cleanser lives in my bathroom, patiently waiting throughout the day and rejoicing when I come home with a filthy face that needs cleaning. I use this in the shower – this cleanser is really such a joy to use. The oil is the silkiest thing ever and it makes my skin feel so clean after I’ve used it. It’s not the best as removing stubborn eye make up but what I tend to do is do my make up wipe stage and then shower and use this oil. You can still gently use this to remove whatever left from your eye make up and it will make your face SQUEAKY clean :).

4. Clinique Take The Day Off Balm – SO, this is the cleanser I have lost. If you can hear me, balm, please come back to me. You are perfect for travelling with.

This is a slightly pricier cleanser at ¬£22, but Clinique are brilliant for skin care. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their Moisture Surge gel moisturiser, it’s my favourite moisturiser ever. The Take The Day off balm is a solid cleansing balm that turns milky once you rub it between your hands with some water, which you can then smooth over your face and it’s also good for removing your eye make up. This isn’t as drying as Bioderma, but if you are looking for a more moisturising cleanser you use with water the Body Shop Camomile Oil cleanser is better I think. This is the best for travelling as you can always snaffle a blob of this cleanser and be good to go! (Take a flannel so you can use this to take it off rather than just washing it off).

What are your favourite make up removers/cleansers?

I’d love to hear them, leave them in the comments below!

If you haven’t caught up on my vlog from my jaunt to London take a look below ūüôā

Thanks for reading,

Roshni xxx


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L’Or√©al Ultimate Blends Blogger Photoshoot – A London Vlog!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

So if you’ve seen on my Facebook page or Instagram, I did something very exciting on Friday. I was lucky enough to be chosen as a top 5 entrant for the Garnier Ultimate Blends Blogger competition, where I was given the chance to attend a photoshoot in London! Today you can see what I got up to and some exclusive behind the scenes footage!

I had a great (long) day and I was pretty damn tired at the end of it. It was loads of fun, I got to goof around with the cool things inside the beauty blogger box that they gave each of us and had a lovely time getting my hair and make up done. As this is the most interesting thing to happen to me during my 1.5 years of blogging, I decided to VLOG it! (My first one, you can see as it starts I’m mega awkward and then I gradually get marginally less awkward as the day goes on…)


Please go and give it a watch and a thumbs up if you’ve enjoyed it, I had a great time and am very intrigued to see where the photos etc will be used (could potentially be in Superdrug stores, like what the hell)

Thanks for watching lovely people,
Roshni xxx


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Happy Valentines Day! :D

Hello Everyone! It’s February the 14th which means it is indeed Valentines Day and I hope you are all having a wonderful day spent with your loved ones.

Valentines Day is one of those days that’s pressurised – what presents do you get, what card do you get, where do you go for dinner, what do you wear SDLFISAHUS. I think most of the time it’s best not to force these kind of things, it’s easy to get carried away and forget why you’re actually meant to be celebrating. Go with the flow and see what happens – sometimes those are the best kind of celebrations!

I was contacted by a company called Third Love recently who sent me a hilarious image to share with you all that makes you think about Valentines day. Third Love¬†sell really well made underwear basics and bras – with the best thing being that they do half cup sizes!! I thought that was genius as I’ve always struggled getting the exact perfect fit for my petite but womanly frame (womanly frame roughly translates to ‘oh I’ll work off that second slice of pizza in 2018’).

I’d definitely take a look at Third Love, their website looks amazing and I was so impressed – they also have a Fit Finder which will help you find the right type.

Take a look at the hilarious flow chart below and find out what your Valentines Day Bra Personality is! I prefer the term ‘Brasonality’ myself. Mine¬†was a classic 24/7 T Shirt – screams boring but unfortunately comfort is priority with me – deal¬†wide.¬†


I have a discount code for you all to get 15% off your order with Third Love (honestly, the are quite expensive but so are a lot of other brands out there where the quality is good Рthey look amazing so it might be worth a try!)

Enter the code VALENTINE15 at checkout for 15% off!

How have you spent your Valentines Day?

A) Eating all the chocolate in a 3 mile radius to where you are sitting

B) A romantic brunch by a lake

C) Wishing there were more episodes of Making a Murderer on Netflix

D) Drooling over Ryan Gosling (The Rosling)

E) All of the above

Thanks for reading ūüôā

Roshni xxx


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Left Valentines until the last minute? Click right here my friend…


Valentines Gift Guide

So there’s only a few days left until Valentines day…and I’m looking at you partners that have failed to get something for your lovely lady!

If you’re left scrambling around convenience stores and garage flower stalls for an amazing present, that officially means you’ve left it til the last minute and you need your Fairy BlogMother…ME!

(If you are a lady looking around in panic for ideas for your boyfriend/husband then click here for my Gift Guide – What to get Him!!)

This is the guide for you if your¬†girlfriend/wife/fianc√© is into make up, beauty and fashion (especially perfect if you don’t know a thing about any of that!)

For Valentines day, you’ll have the strongest impact if you take ‘practical’ out of the present. By that I mean, you want to give something that shows ‘want’, something luxurious and beautiful!

For make up, your best bet is to look to Charlotte Tilbury. You’ll get gorgeous packaging, great quality products and hearts in the eyes of your lady!

My¬†top picks would be the Matte Revolution lipsticks from ¬£23, there is a beautiful limited edition rosy pink called ‘Between the Sheets’ which was named by the public (shown below). Matte lips are bang on trend right now and your girlfriend will appreciate the fact that 1. this is beautiful and 2. it’s a bloody great lipstick.

between the sheets

If your girlfriend likes to wear eyeshadow, then a cream eyeshadow pot in a flattering shimmery colour will be perfect. CT does amazing long lasting cream eyeshadows in the most gorgeous colours – Eyes To Mesmerise cream eyeshadows¬†are worth the price – from around ¬£22, but they will last forever and actually it means that your girlfriend will get ready quicker because you literally put this on your finger and then apply it to your eyelid ūüôā. Marie Antoinette is a beautiful shade that will suit all skin tones.

Don’t say I don’t look after you ;).

marie antoinette

Some other great finds are:

If your lovely lady isn’t really into make up but she loves things like candles and fragrances¬†then there a few stand out things that I’m sure she would love.

Jo Malone is the best place if she’s a fragrance¬†lover, they do some great sets and perfumes¬†and popular favourites are English Pear & Freesia, Blackberry & Bay and Orange Blossom.¬†(from ¬£28)

jo malone blackberry and bay

Another place you can head to is Diptyque. They have really great quality fragrances, and they come in gorgeous minimalist bottles. Diptyque also do candles so this is a great idea if your partner loves homeware and spending hours traipsing around IKEA (maybe with you in tow).

Other fail safe ideas are:

I hope you find something for inspiration! All of these retailers have stores you can dash to to pick things up and in make up shops there will be willing sales assistants to help you if you are stuck.

Happy Shopping everyone!

Thanks for reading,
Roshni xxx


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Valentines Gift Guide – What to get for Him!

Hello you lovely people,

So it is that time of year – it’s Valentines day, lurking around the corner like an amorous stalker.

THOUSANDS of loved up ladies around the world will be experiencing that terror that is the ‘present buying process’ for the other half. I am here to give you a fool proof guide to help you pick that perfect present for the person in your life that thinks Mascara is a far east country…



All Saints is a great place to go for staple basics that will stick around in his wardrobe for potentially, years. Time-proof pieces like a dark, long sleeved checked shirt are perfect because the quality is so good and the colours are flattering!

all saints

This cute little beanie hat is perfect if your partner works outside or generally gets a cold head – and it’s only ¬£2 from Asos!¬†You could even add some mobile¬†phone touch screen gloves to complete the set…

hat asos

You can’t beat a big comfy hoody and Vans do some great ones that are made from the best materials – they are so soft! These are perfect for British weather and this means you can buy a slightly bigger size and get away with not getting the size exact lol

vans hoody


If you get your other half anything Tom Ford, even if he doesn’t know what it is he will thank you in the end. You could opt for the Tom Ford Black Orchid fragrance which is earthy, sexy and screams ‘I AM MAN SEE I SMELL LIKE MAN’.


This one is a bit crafty, if you’re in the beauty blogging world you will know why I’ve put this one in there. The Nivea Post Shave Balm has been one of those cult products for WOMEN believe it or not – which means if you get it for your boyfriend you can also steal this. You can actually use this as a PRIMER before make up! So basically I am not only helping you buy for your boyfriend but I am also improving the outcome of your make up…:)

post shave balm

Getting your boyfriend/husband/partner a tangle teaser might seem like an odd present, but if you use your own tangle teaser and appreciate it then trust me, a man will too. In fact, it will be like a little head massage. What’s even better is that you can get a non gender specific black one for anyone who is picky!

tangle teaser

Some comfortable nightwear will be appreciated by those that want to spend a full week playing Xbox or PS4, OR for those that generally like to be a bum. If your boyfriend is unemployed, this is perfect! You can get Star Wars ones¬†from Burton and they are made from 100% cotton. Lol I’m kidding about unemployment, seriously these just look really comfy.

So that’s my guide to some simple winning gifts for your other half…I’ll be back in the blogosphere later this week with another Valentines post so keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks for reading,

Roshni xxx


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Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara – Anyone got RSI yet?!

Hi Everyone!

I have a review for you today – if you browse through my blog you might think that I’m obsessed with mascaras because I have a lot of review posts! Looking in my Muji drawers, there would be a whole WEALTH of evidence to send me to Mascara Misuse Rehab (I have about 4 open at one time). The mascara I’ve been using recently is one that I’ve tried before, from Soap & Glory.

The Soap & Glory Thick & Fast *do you want any more ampesands*¬†‘Collagen’ mascara¬†is, as far as I know, the main mascara line that Soap & Glory has. Aiming to ‘lay down volume and intensity’ using it’s V shaped brush, it claims to add thickness and volume without needing to work at it.

soap and glory mascara

As always with these kind of reviews, below I’ve added a before and after so you can see the effect of the mascara on my own lashes. (I also did my eyebrows lol)

soap and glory thick and fast mascara

The pros of this mascara are:

  • It is affordable compared to something like Benefit’s They’re Real, Bad Gal Lash or Roller Lash
  • It’s really well pigmented!
  • The brush feels nice to use
  • Gorgeous packaging! (well, I think so, something satisfying about the all over gold wand)
  • It is quite good at lengthening (see above picture)

The cons of this mascara are:

  • You may get Repetitive Strain Injury from having to go back and build up every single layer to get volume and length. Seriously, this is NOT THICK AND FAST IT IS THIN AND SLOW (-_-)
  • The mascara has a watery consistency compared to most others on the shelves
  • Did I mention it’s hard to build up?
  • Oh, and someone get Soap and Glory¬†to supply a small robot with each purchase TO MOVE¬†THE MASCARA UP AND ¬†DOWN ON YOUR EYES TO SAVE YOUR WRIST

Aside from these points, I actually quite like it lol.

It’s not a pain to get off, it doesn’t feel wet on the lashes which is good (however Roller Lash does so you may want to steer clear) and it’s quite good at lengthening which I was surprised at.

What do you think, have you tried this Soap & Glory mascara before?


Until next time lovely readers!

Roshni xxx


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