The Top 5 Ickiest Make Up Facts

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I was putting on some false eyelashes the other day, when something I had known all along finally registered within my brain. After thinking about it for some time, I realised there are quite a few generally icky things that we either have to use as part of our make up routines, or have to put up with!

*these are facts..loosely translated as things that I think need to be spoken about, you won’t find them on wiki or anything*



  1. Why why why does eyelash glue have to smell SO BAD. It’s like God’s punishment for wanting eyelashes that are longer and thicker. Even the good brands like Duo stink…they smell like…fish. It’s so disgusting it ALMOST makes me stay away from falsies (not really, I’m a soldier).
  2. Mascara eye goop! I was watching that episode of Friends where Chandler goes out with one of Rachel’s friends and he felt weird about her mascara eye goop. Guaranteed in the morning when you are getting ready for work, at some point (usually when you actually open your mouth to talk to another human being) eye goop starts to collect in the corner of your mascara’d eye. Yick.
  3. Poorly set foundation/concealer! If you don’t have a good foundation/concealer and touch your face, but then touch something white, it will get ruined. What’s worse is if you have a terrible foundation, you scratch your face or if someone was to wipe a finger down it, EVERYONE would be able to see the difference in skin colour. Terrible.
  4. OMG the taste of make up wipes when you have to take off lipstick with them. If you are using baby wipes it’s less disgusting, but if you are using proper make up wipes then nothing will save you. There’s no avoiding that horrific taste of the make up cleansing wipe, I do not want to taste soap thank you very much but I need a way of taking off this lipstick. Gah!
  5. Why the hell does lipstick ALWAYS end up on your teeth. This one is less disgusting, it’s just pure annoying. It doesn’t taste nice, it’s usually there the whole evening and you’re wandering around oblivious smiling like a cheshire cat.

Hope you enjoyed reading these and being put off your breakfast by them! MMMMMMM

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Roshni xxx


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Jewellery Haul – Gold & Pastels

Posting on a Wednesday night?! What is this! You lucky lot…

I have some pictures for you to drool over today. NO, noooo not Ryan Gosling (not my personal cup of tea, I’m more of a Chris Hemsworth kinda woman)…but BEAUTIFUL JEWELS JEWELS.

In preparation for a friend’s wedding, I had my dress, my shoes, blah blah. The thing I didn’t have was any nice/suitable jewellery. Cue me fretting in Accessorise trying to find some jewellery that would look like it was bought this year.

My dress was from Lipsy; it was a red/orange floral print strappy dress with a rigid net skirt using the same print (it felt wonderfully swishy). The jewellery I picked to go with it was quite simple – a statement necklace, some band bracelets and a set of gorgeous rings!


This necklace is lovely! It sits quite high on the neck as it isn’t a long chain, but it is a statement necklace that is quite pretty and dainty at the same time. Though I’m praying none of these stones fall out…


I also grabbed a set of rings – don’t worry, I paid for them – which were a mix of straight gold bands and twisted, with really pretty pastel coloured gems. I stacked a few of these on top of each other for a laid back/boho look.


Lastly, I picked up these beautiful band bracelets. These are slightly bendy so all you have to do is bend it slightly and you can get them on your wrist. The jewelled ends either side are so pretty, and although I bought them for the wedding I have already been getting lots of wear out of them.

What are your favourite shops for buying jewellery from?

By the way this post isn’t sponsored I just love Accessorise :p

Thanks for reading guys!

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My Beauty Guide to Dealing with Heat

heatproofmakeupIt’s hot at the moment in the UK.

I bet when this post goes up though, it will be peeing it down like nobody’s business…

There are certain ways you can avoid literal beauty meltdowns, conveniently today I have some tips for you!


On those days where it is hotter inside than outside, a good MATTE powder will help you out. Dust a light powder over your T zone and down the sides of your mouth, using a sparse make up brush. Don’t use a dense bristled make up brush or you will end up with too much product on the brush. Rimmel does a great translucent powder which is a bargain too! 


This step will help your eyeshadow stay on your face! It will also help if you have oily eyelids (yuck, but it does happen). A primer will help colours pop, especially if you use a very pale coloured paint pot or primer. This helps in particular when you are slowly building up eyeshadow layers, for example using your transition colour first, then your crease colour, centre of the eyelid colour and then inner corner highlight! Oh and brow highlight if you are going all out :). I love the MAC Painterly Paint Pot, which lass forever. 


Something that ASTOUNDED me when I received the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade in my online Beauty Bay order (and blew my mind) was that it is waterproof. Waterproof eyebrows of all things, lol. Sounds ridiculous, but it actually is waterproof. Those days when it’s boiling at work and you are rubbing your face/head/eyes you don’t want your eyebrows to be smeared half way down your face!


Nowadays you can actually get make up setting sprays that are MATTE! How amazing, so you can put all the prep work in using the tips above to make sure you don’t end up a sweaty betty and then you also have the added assurance of having a matte setting spray! It will help keep everything in place even if it is boiling hot and you feel like your face is going to melt off your skeleton. This NYX one looks like a contender!


This one is more of a skincare tip, but keeping your hair off your face will mean that you have to touch your face less. Touching your face lots in the heat isn’t good for your skin (especially if you are working in an office or germy environment) as it will transfer bacteria! This just means more spots to cover up with concealer…ew. For this easiest way is to plait your fringe across the top of your head, use a bobby pin to clip your hair back, or an Alice band to keep it off your face!

I hope you guys have enjoyed hearing my tips! Do you have any of your own?

Thanks for reading :),

Rosh xxx


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The Wet Look Gloss – That’s not sticky!

Hello everyone!

Today I have a mini review for you, for the other lip product that I bought on #NationalLipstickDay…it’s this gorgeous Dior Lip Maximiser…just take a look at that packaging!

It’s the most girly of lip glosses I ever did see, but luckily it is worth it as this gloss is AMAZING. It is designed to help plump out your lips, advertised as a ‘lip care’ system that uses hyaluronic and marine-based fillers. ‘MARINE BASED FILLERS’ – I have no idea what these are but I am intrigued. Hope there’s no sea horses or anything in there.


It is recommended that you can either use this over your favourite lipstick, OR as a 15 minute intensive treatment before bed time. This claims to help fill out the lines in your lips, to make them look smoother, plumper and more hydrated.

This gloss is very sheer and has quite a balmy consistency. The finish of this gloss is VERY wet look, but this helps to make your lips look fuller (it also has tiny shimmer particles in it which assist in the reflective magic!).

The SMELL of this is so nice, it smells like a mix of mint and vanilla. The mint helps with the cool sensation that you get on the lips when you apply the gloss, it feels really tingly and…kinda nice actually! This makes them actually FEEL bigger, which probably makes you pout a bit automatically lol.


This is now a staple in my hand bag. I don’t use it every day but you never know when you want a good ol’ gloss to slick over the top of your favourite nude lipstick!

Have any of you guys tried the lip maximiser or the Dior Addict Lip Glow? 🙂

Thanks for reading,

Rosh xxx


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MAC’s Patisserie – The Best Nude Ever?

**read to the end of this post for a surprise announcement!**

So, a while ago, #NationalLipstickDay happened and Debenhams took full advantage by offering a £5 off 2 lip products promotion.

I umm’d and ahh’d about which two I wanted, I knew for a fact I wanted another MAC lipstick but which one was the problem?!?! I did a bit of research (which involved going through each shade and google image searching it) and landed on ‘Patisserie’. At first I was unsure about it, I thought it might be too light for me. I rave about the shade ‘Hug Me’ (it’s a lustre) but that is a slightly more brown-y version of ‘Patisserie’.

*btw I have bits of glitter on my face because I was doing something make-y :p. In this picture I have a gloss over the top of ‘Patisserie’*

patisserie 2

Having tried this without a lip liner, I have to say I’m actually really impressed! I’ve been reaching for this lipstick pretty much every day now! It’s the most perfect combination of a peachy pinky nude with a touch of golden shimmer. This doesn’t wear off patchily, it’s a lustre so it’s not too opaque in the first place. Another great thing with that is you don’t need to be too precise, it is one of those lip products that you can literally grab on the way out the door and apply without a mirror!



This is quite a creamy formula and although it is MAC it’s not drying at all. This lipstick now has a little home in one compartment of my hand bag and I am very glad this is the case :).

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks?




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Roshni xxx


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The Mother of All Purse Upgrades


So I have a very exciting post for you today. Anyone who has seen me pay for shiz knows that my purse is battered. It’s from Primarni (my sister got it for me for Christmas in circa 1897). I knew I needed a new purse but hadn’t seen anything that I liked at all.

Then I went on Twitter. Then Kate Spade tweeted and said there was a sale. There was a further 30% off the sale items.

I went on the site and thought everything is pretty but I can’t afford you!! A little black patent number caught my eye (this sounds like some horrid, seedy date) and I looked at the price (date has taken a sinister turn) and was sold!

This is the beauty that I bought:


This is such a pretty wallet, it it shiny and has gorgeous gold detailing. It has an outer zip for change, and it has a popper which reveals the centre. It has MORE than enough compartments for my gazillion loyalty cards, and then two sides for notes.

When I opened the wallet I was pleased to see it had lovely polkadot lining! (Lining pleases me).

Here are a few close ups!


I am in love with this purse and feel so fancy (!) when I whip this out when I’m paying for my packet of Skips and a scratch card at the shop.

I love Kate Spade and have a phone case (iPhone 5) from the designer brand and I just love the simple designs and chic finishes and details.

Oh, by the way, if you want to see my shamed purse that I had before this one…here you go:


*hides face*

Have you seen any amazing purses or bags that you can link me? I promise to drool profusely over them :D.

Thanks for reading 🙂




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My Everyday Make Up

Hello Everyone!

Today I have a video on my channel showing you my everyday make up, which features a winged liner and matte pink lip :). Take a look if you want an easy but chic looking make up look! (If I do say so myself)


It’s simple and quick and can be recreated with the most simple of products! Also I am proud of those brows, go take a look at the video to see how I did them!!

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Much Love,

Roshni xxx 🙂


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