April Favourites!


It is almost the end of April! How quick has that gone, we have had some glorious weather recently and it’s got me looking forward to summer and heatwaves and barbecues and YAY. I thought I’d bring you my favourite beauty products of April for you to browse at your leisurely leisure.

I’ve been reaching for this black Bourjois Colorband (where is the ‘U’, Americans?!) quite a lot recently, as a nice smudgy eyeliner across the top of my lash line. It’s quite blendable but it does stay put, you won’t find this transferring onto your eyelids.

Everyday I’ve been using the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers, which have changed the way my eyelashes look. I’ve always been quite lucky and had pretty long eyelashes, but these curlers almost make them look vertical from the root (and not in a weird way). They are so good, and I don’t think I’ll buy any other type of curler again!

Onto eyebrows, this Maybelline Browdrama in Dark Brown has replaced my clear mascara that I was using to set my brows. This is basically like a tinted mascara, with a ball type brush which makes it easy to flick through the eyebrows to add more fibres and make brows look more natural. This is a great colour too, not too warm toned and it’s great for very dark hair.


The Miracle Touch Max Factor Creamy Blush has been a firm favourite of mine for a few months now. I love the finish it gives when it’s just dabbed onto the cheeks, it’s the perfect product for summer. It gives you a glow, it’s not drying and the colour makes you look really healthy!

Finally, I have been loving the Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream, which comes in the cutest tiniest pot ever (which I will be definitely keeping when it runs out). I use this on any dry patches I have AFTER I have applied the Clinique Moisture Surge Thirst Relief gel cream, I find this is a great combination to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day.

What are your favourites for April?

Thanks for reading 🙂

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I Think I’ve Found the One…

SO, if you guys saw my recent post on the Bare Minerals Bare (Bear) Skin foundation, you’ll know that I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect foundation for my dry/combination skin. My review was in part a bit scathing but I reckon I was pretty honest, you can read that here.

The Bare Minerals foundation left my skin feeling so oily that I have gone the complete other way with the newest product I’ve tried. I have to say, I am really impressed with the small price tag but the brilliant performance of this foundation.

It’s the L’Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation, which is only £6.99 so it’s a bargain! Although it is a drugstore foundation it is a great consistency and the finish of it is ideal because it really helps to even out your skin.


The shade that I bought was number 20 ‘Sand’, which I think is the shade before the darkest one in the range. It is a little light for me (only slightly) but I think if I went for the darkest shade it would have been too much.

I love that this comes in a tube, it makes it travel friendly and really easy to get the right amount of product out. It has a little tube dispenser, working with the consistency of this foundation this packaging really works well. The foundation itself is definitely matte, which is what you want in the hot summer months. I have to say this is the first matte foundation that I’ve found that ISN’T drying. It’s really blendable, but it will stay put all day (it does say 24 hour matte yo).

I find that to make sure it doesn’t dry your skin out (my skin is pretty dry in summer) a stippling brush like the Real Techniques one above is best. This means the bristles can pick up the foundation and lightly work it into your skin. I find that denser brushes just soak up the product and are too harsh for working this foundation in.

Safe to say, you live and you learn when it comes to high end products and drug store steals. I think I’ll be a bit more cautious when it comes to products like foundations that can be MEGA expensive…I’m looking at you NARS Sheer Glow.

Finally, here is a picture of me wearing it out last night, with a touch of concealer and bronzer (before drinks, obvs)


What’s your favourite foundation? Any of you lovely people tried L’Oreal Infallible?

Thanks for reading!

Roshni xxx

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The Non Sickly Pastel Look

The gorgeous weather has hit again and we are definitely moving towards summer territory now. High streets are filled with pale pinks, yellows and lilacs, all in time for the sunshine! I’ve never really been a massive fan of pastels, preferring the moody maroons and mauves of winter.

I used to dislike it even more on nails, but I’ve had a bit of a U-turn (makes me think of Usher) and there are now more pastels that are more subtle rather than in your face light. Barry M brought out a great range of ‘Quick Dry’ polishes that have lovely pastels in them (I reviewed one of them here) and they have a wide selection of shades in their complete range.

Today I have a pastel lilac nail look for you, with a strawberry pastel pink accent nail. I loved this look as soon as I slicked the last swipe of Seche Vite over the top, which surprised me as I thought even these might be too light for me in the bottle.

I’ve used Barry M’s ‘Strawberry Ice Cream’ and Essie’s ‘Lilacism’, both of which are from the drugstore and in my opinion perform just as well if not better than some higher end nail polishes like Nails Inc and Ciaté. At just £2.99 for the Barry M and £7.99 for the Essie polish, they are pretty reasonably priced…(by the way the polishes are much brighter in colour than in the pictures on the links).


What I love in particular about this look is how GLASSY the polishes look. I have always thought that Essie polishes have has a gorgeous sheen to them, but this Barry M ‘Strawberry Ice Cream’ nail paint is just as good when it comes to the finish. I really like the combination of the two colours. To me, this is perfect for girls who are like me and don’t want to end up with a sickly sweet manicure.


What do you guys think of this look? What are your favourite pastel polishes?

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Thanks for reading,

Rosh xxx


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Sunday Review: bareMinerals Bareskin foundation

When I wrote that title it just made me think of Bear Skin. I’m no bear.

Today I have a review for you and I may just have to pre warn you, prepare yourselves for a bit of a rant. I’ve been on the hunt for a good foundation recently as I have used the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 55 for a long time now. My problem with it is that the undertone is quite orangey and although it’s the closest colour match in the range for me it’s still not ideal.

I was drawn to trying the Bare Minerals foundations because I knew they had very little artificial ingredients in them and this foundation also has skin care built in which aims to aid your skin whilst you wear it each day. I was colour matched for this foundation by a kind lady on the Bare Minerals counter in Boots, who also gave me a sample of their new CC cream as well.

Now, onto the product itself.



I like the way that this foundation is housed, it is a simple plastic bottle where the colour of the outside matches the exact shade you have chosen. The cap is brilliant, as although it is a screw cap, it has a sturdy ‘click’ as it shuts on the last turn. That’s perfect for travelling. The bottle doesn’t need squeezing to dispense so you can just hold it over your make up brush and add a few dots of foundation straight onto it.


For a ‘serum’ foundation, this sure doesn’t feel like one. By that I mean, it is a very thin formula but it does give quite medium coverage. When I said this foundation contains very little artificial ingredients this means it also doesn’t have anything to bind the foundation together, so it is VITAL that you shake the bottle well before applying. If you don’t you’ll end up with an oily sheen which is just a bit disgusting.


The coverage is actually better than I thought it would be from this little bottle. This is the best colour match for my face that I have ever found! Annoyingly though, I find that this product isn’t very buildable and you will find out why when you read the next point.

Wow. That’s skin close up.


*takes deep breath*

OK, so this foundation is very thin and velvety, as I mentioned before. But, SOMEONE may want to grab this foundation an Oyster card because BOY does this travel on your face. The finish of it is very shiny, I think a good shake of the bottle will definitely improve this but I don’t like that this foundation sits on the skin. I think that was meant to be a USP of it, the fact that it doesn’t sink into the skin and clog pores. I however think this is crap because when I touch my skin after applying, I can feel it there and my face does still look pretty shiny.

ALSO, if you don’t check properly when you have applied with a brush it’s very possible you’ll see actual brush strokes on your face in the foundation. When I say this travels, it will sit in any lines you have and can be easily moved if anyone (god forbid) moves a finger down your cheek. You will see a streak.

After powdering, all of the above cons are made slightly better. But still, I am not really that impressed and I think my quest for a new foundation will have to continue. I will TRY to use this up in some way (maybe by mixing it with the Healthy Mix) to make sure it doesn’t just sit forgotten and lonely on my dressing table.


Have any of you guys tried the Bare Skin foundation? Thoughts?

Thank you for reading, and happy Sunday Y’all!

Rosh xxx


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The Perfect Summer Polishes

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are having a lovely Saturday morning eating a crummy breakfast or enjoying a lazy lie in :). I have a few nail polishes to show you that are perfect for wearing in the hazy spring sunshine that we have been lucky enough to have in the UK. It doesn’t necessarily have to be pastel colours that you opt for in Spring/Summer, so I’ve grabbed a mix of brights and pales to show you that are my personal favourites.


I think the two Essie shades are my favourite from this pentagonal array. The formulae (?) for them is beautiful, a practical wide brush deposits just the right amount of glass like polish onto your nail and it’s so easily buildable (how is that not a word spell checker).

Here I’ll show you what each looks like on!

ESSIE ARUBA BLUE (with Ciaté Celestial glitter coat over the top):










What are your favourite spring/summer time polishes?

Happy Saturday everyone!

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Rosh xxx

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Totally Underrated Make Up Products…

Hello you lot!

It is FRIDAY. Now is the time to step out of your work shoes (if you wear heels you’re mental), put your hair up into a messy pineapple and sit with a cuppa or glass of wine to read this here post.

These products I’m going to talk about today are a great little collection if you are just starting out with make up, or want a second capsule collection if you are travelling. A few of these items are multi tasking as well as great performers, and if you’re like me you’ll love a good 2 in 1 beauty product.


I’ll focus on eyebrows first. I don’t do that when I do my make up but they are the second thing I go to sort out in the morning. The products I use and would say are now staples in my make up bag are the Maybelline Brow Drama in Dark Brown and the Soap & Glory Archery brow pencil. These are brilliant for creating a really natural brow if you are light handed, if you aren’t light handed you can go from Groomed to Drag in 0 – 60.


You can use the Collection 2000 Colourlash Clear Mascara to set it, or as a simple eye lash definer. A delicate swipe of the Rimmel Scandaleyes eye liner in Nude is perfect for making you look awake and fresh faced, especially after a sleepless night.

For skin, my favourites are the Max Factor Cream Blush, which is great for giving you a really healthy dewy glow, and it lasts way longer than you’d think. Rimmel Stay Matte powder is an ABSOLUTE essential, with translucent shades that can keep you shine free all day. For eyes, my complete soul mate is the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze. This is the best cream eyeshadow I’ve ever used, it doesn’t crease, stays on all day and gives a gorgeous sheen.

What are your favourite underrated beauty products?

I thought these products deserved a bit of time in the lime light, they are most definitely repurchases and although I may try alternatives I will always come back! I swear…

Thanks for reading dears!

🙂 Roshni xxx

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Do you buy Beauty Products because of the packaging?

By this I mean, does the fanciness of packaging sway you towards a certain brand, or price range of product over another?

We all know that high end beauty products tend to have nicer packaging, but they also may have dupes from the high street or drugstore that are a fraction of the price but work in the exact same way.

I have had my head turned by certain products beforehand, but I’ve always found that products that I pick in part because the packaging is lovely also perform VERY WELL against the drugstore. In my opinion, there is a stigma attached to price that means that often when we buy things that cost more, it feels like more of a luxury treat. It may be the case that the product might be more expensive just because of the packaging. The possibility that a £49.99 product might perform just as well as something that costs £4.99 rings in the silence.

It’s funny that we can spend so much money on cosmetics, which are essentially completely disposable items. We put them on our face, then we take them off. It doesn’t improve our skin (in most instances) but for around 8 hours a day it makes us feel more comfortable in our own human skeletonia (Yes I have just made this word up).

Here I’m going to give you a run down of my most favourite recent high end dupes, available in the drug store and much cheaper than the 96 carat gold eyelash curler that is bound to come out at some point in Harrods.

Take a look at the below items, realistically, which one would you be happier to receive as a gift?

packaging 1


These Max Factor Creme Puff blushers come in at only £8.99, whereas the Hourglass Ambient Lighting blush is a mighty £28! The Hourglass blush comes in a beautiful gold clicky compact, which may sway your buying choice. But, £20’s worth?! Foof!


packaging 2

On the left above, we have the Tom Ford Brow Sculptor, which costs £34.00 and is available in 4 shades. It has a wide nip and a spoolie on the other side. Similarly, the Sleek Eye Brow Stylist is only £5.99 and comes in 3 shades! With the exact same pencil and spoolie!

packaging 3

The price difference between these two products is £22.10! The By Terry Ombre Blackstar on the left is £29 but you can get a similar long lasting, crease free eyeshadow stick from Kiko for a measly £6.90. I’ve heard great things about the Kiko eyeshadow sticks so if you can get a high quality product for twenty quid cheaper then all the better!

P.S. One high end product that I can hand on heart say I’d buy 95% because of the packaging is this Stila ‘Eyes Are The Window’ palette (£30):


Have you tried any good high end dupes before?

Leave me a comment with your favourite if you can think of one!

Roshni xxx

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Fashion Mini Haul :D

So, I went shopping.

Luckily I managed to restrain myself and I didn’t go mad, but I was really pleased with what I bought. There is a definite theme to this mini haul, and that is SPRING. I had a browse around in River Island but there I had one of those days where I just didn’t see anything that I liked.

This soon changed as I strolled around Dorothy Perkins, Accessorise and Miss Selfridge!

What I love about spring is that all the bright, more sunny colours slowly make their way into our wardrobes and on a sunny day there’s nothing better than wearing bright coral, or a pastel hue.

Here are my springtime purchases:


I have no idea how I managed to fold the t shirts and jumpers like they do in the shop, I think it was a bit of a fluke.

This jumper is the softest thing I have ever worn! It’s so beautiful and comfy, with the lace white heart details it’s pretty and perfect for spring. It is a touch on the warm side I think but we all know what Britain is like. This will be perfect for days where it’s chilly but sunny :). I bought this from Dorothy Perkins in the sale, was £26 I got it for £15.


Also from Dorothy Perkins I bought this long sleeveless coral pink shirt. I can’t actually remember how much this was 🙁 but it wasn’t very expensive, and would look perfect with leggings and sunglasses (worn on my eyes not on my legs). Also, this would be a great shirt to tuck into an A line skirt for hotter days.


I also bought a pair of lighter style jeans/jeggings (what a horrid word jeggings is, it sounds like a QVC product). I was initially worried these wouldn’t be very flattering. Thing is, they could be but even if they are I like them. So I’mma wear em. They were £20, so not too pricey.


This T shirt I am IN LOVE with. The writing is like little beads, and it is so comfortable. I don’t usually like T shirts or tops with writing on because they remind me of those awful shirts that would say things like ‘Little Miss Perfect’ – BLEUREFHEGHGH.

This top is just so wearable, and very flattering on. I think this was only around £12, which isn’t too bad as it’s really good quality (from Miss Selfridge).


Lastly, from Accessorize I bought the most amazing ear cuff that isn’t an ear cuff. It is like a normal earring, and then at the top it has a little clip that clips comfortably round the top of your ear. I really loved the star design as it reminds me of these little star earrings my big sister used to wear when she was a teenager. This was £12 I believe, and worth every penny. I think I’ll be wearing this a lot this summer!



Thanks for reading!

Rosh xxx

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MOTD & OOTD – Shopping!

Hello all!

It’s a gorgeous sunny day today, I lost £10 on the Grand National and spent more money out shopping! (Haul to come…)

A good day all round so far I’d say…

I thought I’d show you my make up and outfit of the day so you can see what I put on my face and body to look like an acceptable human being! (Yay!)

Let’s start with make up:

Might be the weirdest smile I’ve ever pulled…

This is quite a spring time look, with a dewy pink lip and a subtle light eye shadow, with winged liner.

For skin, here are the products I used:


Then, for eyes and eyebrows here are the products I used:


I used an angled brush and the Natural Collections ‘Crushed Walnut’ eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows. Using the Maybelline Brow Drama on top is great because it stops them from being two matte slugs and actually adds fibres to them. From the Lorac Pro Palette I used the colours Cream to highlight my brow arch, Champagne on the lid and Taupe through the crease.

For lips, I found this combo by accident. Once I used Creme Cup by MAC and didn’t like how pale it was, so I added some Revlon Lip Butter in 053 Sorbet. This creates a really lovely creamy pale pink, but you can build up the Lip Butter to make it much brighter as the Revlon colour is much more fuchsia pink.


Now for the outfit…I wore a cropped stripey black and white top from Missguided, navy trousers from Forever 21, my leather jacket from River Island and maroon pumps from Primark. Phone case is from Kate Spade.


Hope you have all had a lovely sunny day!

Thanks for reading,

Roshni xxx

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Ridiculous Beauty Products – Are they worth the hype?!

Happy Friday All!

I am a massive fan of youtube make up tutorials and get ready with me’s, but one day something caught my eye and I thought ‘What the hell is that?!

I was watching a Chloe Morello video, and after she had applied her eye make up and moved onto lips, she pulled out this monstrosity:


This is not, apparently, a torture device. This IS in fact something called ‘Fullips’.  What this is designed to do, is plump up your lips by using suction to create fuller lips without the use of injections or fillers. This is meant to be used just before you use lip liner or lipstick, in order to give you a larger pout.

Not only does this LOOK terrifying to me, I personally think this is pushing the boundaries a bit too far. I know that the whole Kylie Jenner 72 hour lip workshop is all the rage now but seriously a good lip liner and lipstick should be there to enhance what is naturally suitable for your face. If every woman (or man) out there had massive lips plastered onto their faces surely that would just make everyone look like Barbie dolls (or even worse, BRATZ).

This got me thinking about other ridiculous beauty products, to be honest I don’t think many have actually slipped through the net of Dragon’s Den or patent companies, thank goodness. Though, some that have are below:



Okay this kinda looks quite nice…


This is meant to hold your nail polish bottle at an angle without it falling over.




Basically a sleeve for your feet.




A set square for your eyebrows. 


Yes, I know that most of these are from QVC but I just couldn’t help myself.

Can you think of any stupid cosmetic tools that you’ve seen?

Thanks for reading,

Roshni 🙂 xxx

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