Who knew Sellotape was so useful?! Easy Striped Nail Look

Originally took a picture with May in the background and thought 'Well that looks wrong'
Originally took a picture with May in the background and thought ‘Well that looks wrong’

Here is a really simple nail look, which seems like it would take ages to do but is actually quicker than you think!

For this to work in the best way, I would recommend painting your main colour the day before, and then applying the glitter the next day to ensure that your first colour has COMPLETELY dried.

For the base colour, I used Tanya Burr’s New York Night which is a really dark, deep purple which comes off almost black on the nail. I let this dry for about a minute, then I applied a thin layer of Seche Vite and left it to dry.

The next day, I fancied updating this look with something a bit more striking, but still subtle at the same time. Browsing through my nail polish collection, I rediscovered my Models Own glitter polish in Disco Mix and thought that this would go perfectly with New York Night.

I used Sellotape to make the clean lines for the glitter polish. I literally cut a chunk of sellotape and applied it diagonally across the nail, and then one the other side leaving a thin strip of nail still open. I did this to a couple of nails at a time, then gently applied the glitter polish over the top, letting it dry while I applied the tape to the other nails.

As long as you have a smidge of patience and a slight steady hand, then this should be easy enough to do.

Once you have applied the glitter polish to all nails, you can peel the tape off. I would peel the tape off starting from the base of the nail, as this is less likely to pull the polish onto the rest of the nail.

Then, once dry to the touch, apply a top coat…I just applied a thin second layer of Seche Vite 🙂


haha, here is the may picture for you to laugh at :)
Haha, here is the May picture for you to laugh at 🙂

Curious to see how this works for french manicures, if I can ever be bothered to do them!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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Roshni x

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January Favourites

January has ZOOMED by, I can’t believe it’s February already! We are no longer in that weird limbo time after Christmas, it is actually getting light when I drive to work in the mornings and there are glimmers of Spring in the near distance.

There are a few beauty products that I have been loving so far (I know we are a good few days into February, but oh well) so I have decided to show you my January favourites today!

Oliver Bonas ‘R’ Make Up Bag, Eve Lom Lip Balm, Clinique Moisture Surge Gel Cream, Revlon Colourburst, Rimmel Nude Scandaleyes Eyeliner

Oliver Bonas Make Up Bag (click for link)

My lovely friend Lizzie bought me this make up bag for my birthday, and from pure coincidence I have been looking at a lot of Oliver Bonas items and really liking the look of them (also now I got this link but have spent way too long on the site).


This make up bag is great, it’s a compact size but you can fit a surprising amount of things in here. The zip is pretty sturdy, and a gorgeous mint green colour which goes perfectly with the muted grey canvass-y material. The bag is very structured as you open in, as you can see on the left hand bottom image, so this means it doesn’t get too squashed and holds its shape really well.

Eve Lom Kiss Mix (click for link)

7ml for £16.00!! Jeez Louise

This might be the most expensive lip balm I have ever used. I didn’t actually buy this, it was a birthday gift from Space NK! I have to say, I am really impressed with this. If you don’t like minty smelling balms, stay well clear of this as it is very tingly and minty when you first put it on. It is a tad sticky but the consistency isn’t too off putting. The best thing about this little 7ml pot is that it makes your lips look REALLY plump and healthy. It is very hydrating and the packaging is so chic.

Rimmel ScandalEyes Eyeliner – Nude (click for link)

Go away, pesky shadow!

I have been using this eyeliner every day, it lasts really well and works wonders to make you look awake. I get up for work around 6.20am, so looking awake is a very important part of my beauty regime. The texture of this pencil is really soft, and unlike most eyeliners this doesn’t sting my eyes or make my eyes water a lot. Think this is going to be a staple from now on! Also, this looks great if you are doing a sixties eye but less extreme, a nude liner would look a lot more natural than a bright white one.

Revlon Colour Burst Matte Balm in Sultry (click for link)


I’m still in two minds about this matte balm. Generally, I’m not a massive fan of matte things unless it is eyeshadows, but sometimes I put this on and really like it and other times I’m not keen.

The product itself is great, the colour comes off way more pink and less nudey than I thought it would. The texture is great, it isn’t drying and it is so soft and velvety to apply. It stays on really well, but not as good as some other lip products such as Tanya Burr’s lip gloss. I think I will keep trying with this, as I might end up learning to love it!

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Cream (click here for link, you’ve guessed it)



I am on my second pot of this, the previous one had lasted me a good 3-4 months. This little pot is sent from heaven…it really saved my skin in winter time and I think it will be light enough to carry on using through Spring and Summer too.

This formula is pretty much a gel cream, so it sinks into the skin perfectly, leaving your face moisturised and not greasy in the slightest. A little goes a REALLY long way, and I just love this stuff so much. Even though this is well embedded into my daily routine, it still feels so luxurious to use and I can’t imagine using anything else!

What have been your favourite products to use in January?

Thanks for reading 🙂

Roshni x

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Creative Blogger Award



I have been nominated for an award for the fourth time in 2 months!! This is crazy for me, I really am grateful to all the lovely readers who land on my little old blog…to receive an award for creativity is even more of a lovely surprise and I am very happy! I have recently also been nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award and the Liebster Award.

It’s really exciting, thank you thank you THANK YOU to Vogue Infatuation for nominating me for the Creative Blogger Award :). Please go and check her blog out because it’s brilliant!

Here are the rules for this award:

  • Nominate 20 other blogs and their links
  • Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you (very important)
  • Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
  • Notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
  • Pass these rules on to them

This feels a bit strange to do a post with 5 random facts about myself but, here goes!

1. I am a binge reader…

When I was younger, my mum encouraged me to read from a very very young age, with books like Mr Men and Topsy and Tim. I think she ended up regretting this, because there would be times when she would ask me to do things around the house but I wouldn’t get up as I was stuck in a book for a good few hours. Even as I got older, it became dangerous for me to read at night because instead of reading a few pages and going to sleep I would read the entire book and consequently get no sleep.

Here are some of the books that I was obsessed with growing up:


2. I love lip balms…

I, like Vogue Infatuation, am slightly mad on lip balms. I have a lot. Especially in winter when you are surrounded by artificial heat, and harsh wintery winds a good lip balm is the best relief.


3. I love to bake!

My family and friends and some other lucky people (haha) know that I love baking, and it is mostly because I love eating.

Here are some of the things I have cooked/baked in the last year:


4. I hate scary movies…

I cannot deal with anything scary, or tense, or jumpy, or that contains severe peril. I can just about get away with Disney films, but even when the villain comes it’s touch and go.


5. I used to own one of these:


I think 90’s babies will remember this…it used to light up and it would keep you busy for ages. When I think about it, probably not the most scintillating of toys but HEY we didn’t have Candy Crush back then…:)

I hope this was entertaining to read, I really appreciate being nominated for another award!

Here are my nominations:

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to reading your facts!

Rosh x

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Essie ‘Aruba’ and OPI ‘Silver Shatter’

Hello Everyone!

Today’s nail polish look that I am bringing to you uses one type of varnish that was all the rage about a year ago. Shatter nail polishes started to come out in all types of colours and shimmery shades, all over the shop!

I chose Essie’s ‘Aruba’ as the base shade in this look. This is one of my most favourite colours in the world ever, and I have to say trying something new with the shatter polish over the top actually pained me as ‘Aruba’ looked SO good just as it was.

‘Aruba’ is a brilliant polish, it goes on very opaque, particularly on second coat. To me it reminds me of Egypt and Cleopatra when I look at it, it also looks great with tanned skin.


The OPI Silver Shatter shade that I have used in this post looks like quite a dark silver in the bottle, but as soon as you apply it, it actually comes out quite a cold, bright silver. I really like this, as even if you by accident put a thick coat of the shatter on, as it dries it separates just enough to show the colour underneath and it doesn’t make your finished look TOO silvery.

I love the combination of blue and silver together, the more I look at this too the more I think I should probably have done this around winter, but I still really like it.


Have you guys tried any good shatter polishes? Also, what is your favourite Essie polish?

I’m really tempted to get a cool lilaccy blue colour but every time I look at my vast collection of polishes I can hear my cabinet groaning at the thought of the weight of MORE nail varnishes (gah).

Thanks for reading!

Rosh x

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Nameless Nail Varnish?! Shame on you, French Connection

This week I had one of those weeks where I just really couldn’t be bothered with doing my nails. I left them bare for most of the week partly because I am lazy and partly because I remember reading about this crazy lady who had nail varnish on her nails ALL the time and they went weird and then she didn’t have any left 🙁 🙁 :(.(I think that story has frightened me a little).

When sifting through my nail polish collection (at the moment it’s in a large square Ikea box), I decided to revisit an old favourite. A while ago my eldest sister bought me a French Connection nail varnish set that contained some pretty random shades. Of all the shades, there was a brilliant electric shimmery blue, that was still quite dark but bright at the same time.

I remember when I opened the pack and turned the little nail polishes with matte bottle tops upside down I was DISMAYED to find out that they have no names. Not even a little number to identify them. In spite of this, I really do love this colour. The formula isn’t great to be honest, I have used a much paler pink shade from this range before and it needs a good 2 – 3 coats for it to start to build up the colour.


On top of this I have used Ciaté’s Celestial, once again, as you guys know I love this. This glitter top coat just goes so beautifully over other blues due to the teeny little blue flecks in the polish.


Have any of you tried the French Connection nail polishes? Also, does anyone have any good tips for nail polish storage? I definitely will be having a cheeky look on Muji very soon from what I can tell…

Thanks for reading 🙂


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