6 Very Real Life Struggles I Have Encountered

We all know that there are a few struggles we all have to deal with on a daily basis, and this post just rounds up some of the ABSOLUTE ORDEALS I have had to go through over the past few months.


I love a bit of online shopping, but what I hate is that the problem of inconsistent sizing between physical high street stores is somewhat amplified when you are shopping online. Cue me choosing a size 8 dress that would probably fit on my arm, rather than my whole body. In my brain I am thinking, ‘Hang on a second, in DOROTHY PERKINS I can fit into a size 8.’ Welllll that’s because in Dorothy’s Fashion Empire their size 8’s are already like tents. I’m sure all ladies of different sizes can relate to this inconsistency. Sort it out, you shops you.

River Island?! Pah! More like...Wrong Size...Island.
River Island?! Pah! More like…Wrong Size…Island.


Although beauty brands are amazing and innovative, they are also fickle players. The reason I say this, is that you could buy an item, absolutely LOVE it, and after a few months go to repurchase and they have discontinued the foofing thing.

I encountered this loss when I went to my local Boots to repurchase a 17 nail polish in the most beautiful sea weed green glitter. To my dismay, I saw a crap aqua glitter replacement that had none of the beauty of it’s predecessor. Take a look at my lost love below:

Ahh, I miss you.
Ahh, I miss you.


So, you guys might not know this but I am an avid baker. I usually find a few staple recipes and stick to those, venturing out to sometimes change a recipe slightly to see if I can find the next better version of it.

Cue Coffee & Walnut…& Nutella fairy cakes. Well, I couldn’t just do the recipe, could I?!

I decided it would be a good idea to add a splodge of Nutella into each fairy cake, thinking it would melt and become a gooey paradise of chocolate goo.

Instead, it did hardened and sank to the bottom like dis:

Oh Nutella, you cruel mistress of confectionery.
Oh Nutella, you cruel mistress of confectionery.


A nice day shopping out in Birmingham. Oh, let’s stop for breakfast shall we?! OKAI.

Oh, let’s try Eggs Benedict, I would love Hollandaise sauce.

No Roshni. No you would not.

The sauce is deceptive, in reality it is not savoury and delicious, it is a tangy hell hole of deceit.

Holland-oh my days.
Hollan-oh my days.


There isn’t really much explanation needed here.

You see a massive dog. Want to ride it. Realise you can’t. Cry.

There were other people taking pictures of it too! Not just me!
There were other people taking pictures of it too! Not just me!


So in ‘Frozen’, Elsa’s ‘Let It Go’ dress is FABULAMAZING.

When I met Elsa and Olaf in Chester town, her dress was, well, an atrocity.

Remember that odd sequin material you would get at primary school that you could use to stick onto drawings of mermaids?

Well basically she had a sheath of that pinned to a white long sleeved T shirt.

See for yourself!

Poor show Elsa, poor show.
Poor show Elsa, poor show.

What real life struggles have you ‘Pressers been encountering recently?!

Thanks for reading!

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What I Got For Christmas 2014

I thought I’d do a brief post to show a few of the things that I was kindly given for Christmas by my family. It was a lovely chilled day, watching lots of Christmas TV and films. (Don’t tell anyone but we also spent our time eating way too much chocolate, cheese and crackers).

I was very lucky this Christmas and the main thing that dominated this year’s presents was COMFORT and WARMTH.

Here are a few shots to show the lovely gifts I was given:










Are you guys all happy with the presents you got for Christmas?

The fleecy pyjama bottoms feel AMAZING, and those sleeping sheep are on 100% cotton so it’s safe to say I will be warm and comfortable in the chilly months at the beginning of 2015.


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New Year, New ‘Do!

For a while now I have been toying with the idea of a graduated bob, as I have had long hair for many many years now. I dip dyed my hair recently, and I have done it a good 3-4 times before. This had caused my hair to become a bit dry, and the red section that was dyed had started to take on an orangey brassy tint. I have tried dying over the dip dye before but my hair hangs onto colour for ages, and the lighter orangey red would just be visible under any darker colour I put over the top. A good old chop was required to cut off the drier ends, and get it looking healthy again!

So, I decided to take the plunge and actually get my long hair chopped into a bob. I have a pretty round face, so I was worried the bob would just emphasise this, but because it is graduated it isn’t too bulbous looking.

Here is the obligatory ‘before’ shot:


I was nervous I’ll admit, I know it is hair at the end of the day and it grows back quick…but still it’s a pretty big change!

The thought of less hair drying time, and the ease of spritzing a quick texturising spray and skipping out the door kept me stoic and determined!

Take a look at the mass of dip dye covering the floor!

Extensions, anyone? *shudder*

Once it had been nicely blowdried and straightened, with layers put in I got excited and ended up being really really happy with it. Yes my head feels lighter, and my neck is a bit chilly, but I really love it 🙂 and my hair looks and feels SO much healthier!

Here it is:


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Tanya Burr ‘New York Night’ and Ciaté ‘Celestial’

Well, that’s a pretty magical blog post title, if I do say so myself.

As you guys know, my nail polish collection has grown considerably over Christmas, and soon I will be doing a ‘What I Got for Christmas’ post so you can see all the pyjamas (ehem I mean gifts) I was kindly given.

Both of my sisters know I love Youtube and Tanya Burr’s videos, and I was excited to open up two more Tanya Burr polishes on Christmas morning!

One of them I have used below, it is a deep dark mauve/purple, with the lovely name ‘New York Night’.


Over the top, I decided to pair it with Ciaté’s ‘Celestial’, which is a really Christmassy glitter top coat with a mix of small and large glitter pieces. What makes this different is that it also has tiny light blue particles through it.


I really love this look, I mean ‘New York Night’ is really lovely and chic on its own, but with ‘Celestial’ over the top it really looks…cosmic :O!


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Ciaté Christmas Advent Calendar – Final Week 4!

This post rounds off the final instalments in the Ciaté Christmas Advent Calendar…I’m a bit miffed that I won’t be opening those tiny little doors from now on! It ran up to December 24th, with a lovely LARGE reward for Christmas Eve.

Here are the final *weep* polishes:


If you ever get one of these advent calendars for next year, BE WARNED, some of these polishes are actually loose glitters.

My sister learned this the hard way with ‘Let It Snow’ from a previous week, cue horrified looks and a small pile of glitter on her lap – haha!

‘Sand Dune’ and ‘Cupcake Queen’

‘Sand Dune’ is a lovely pearly gold, and ‘Cupcake Queen’ is the most saccharine pink you will ever see.

'Celestial' and 'Fair Isle' nail wrap
‘Celestial’ and ‘Fair Isle’ nail wrap

‘Celestial’ is a surprising polish, it has tiny light blue particles in it which makes it really unusual.

'Sherbert Fizz' and 'Slumber Party'
‘Sherbert Fizz’ and ‘Slumber Party’

‘Sherbert Fizz’ is a great coral red, with touches of tiny gold glitter. Finishing off, ‘Slumber Party’ is a GORGEOUS iridescent loose glitter (iridescent is the perfect word for these glitters).


I will be slowly doing more nail looks with these, and overall I am really pleased with the calendar. (In fact the only polish I didn’t like was the lurid, bright yellow one!)

Hope everyone had a lovely christmas! 🙂 Rosh x

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Christmas Eve Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate!

One of my most favourite things to do in Winter is make ‘homemade’ (cheats) hot chocolate.

Usually I would cheat with Nutella, I just put a dollop of Nutella into a mug of milk, then you simply warm it in the microwave until it has all dissolved. The most simple recipe you could ever ask for, at what I like to think is the laziest time of the year!

For a little twist on this, I bought a Tesco Finest Salted Caramel spread, and used the same process. The only niggle about this process is that it takes quite a lot of stirring to get the chocolate spread to dissolve.

Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate..mmm
Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate..mmm
Salted Caramel Spread
Salted Caramel Spread

Whatever you do don’t leave your cup unattended in the microwave, I would have it on for 1 minute, then watch it for another minute so you can take it out every now and then to test how warm it is.

This is the perfect drink to have around Christmas, in fact, at any time of the year!


Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Ciaté ‘Candy Cane’ and Tanya Burr ‘Midnight Sparkles’…AND WICKED!!

I am currently listening to a Spotify ad…LET ME LISTEN TO ED SHEERAN IN PEACE YOU PESKY PROGRAM.

Today I thought I’d try out my favourite Ciaté nail polish I got in week 3, which was ‘Candy Cane’, a gorgeous and vivid magenta glitter polish. At first I thought this would look great over a black nail polish, but on second thought that was a bit obvious, and I thought it would look classier over a dark mauve/purple.

Here are the polishes that I used:

Tanya Burr 'Midnight Sparkles' and Ciaté 'Candy Cane'
Tanya Burr ‘Midnight Sparkles’ and Ciaté ‘Candy Cane’


Looking at the polish close up, you can see that having small and larger glitter particles make it really unusual, and I’ve never seen a polish quite like it. Also a name like ‘Candy Cane’ pleases me immensely, as we are SO close to Christmas.

This polish is quite thick with glitter, so it’s not really one that you build up. A few swipes over your base colour and you are pretty much done, so you really do get maximum impact for very little effort. I’m trying not to think about what it’s going to be like taking this off, although I am guilty of disgustingly peeling glitter polishes off because I use Seche Vite over the top (insert embarrassed emoji here).

Here is the finished product:


In other news, I went to London for Christmas festivities and shopping this weekend just gone. On Thursday I went to see Wicked at the Apollo theatre, and it was A M A Z I N G. The actress playing Elphaba was absolutely phenomenal and we had the best time.

Most exciting for me though, was that I met Gabby from Velvetghost! Her Youtube channel is massive, she has over 500,000 subscribers and she was just as nice as I expected she would be! She was chatty, said that I looked nice and we chatted about the fact that SHE WAS SITTING NEXT TO MARY BERRY.


I didn’t want to hassle her for a photo, (I’m saying this but actually I completely forgot about it) but it seemed like she had a lovely time, as did we!

Just to get you in the Christmassy mood, here are some photos of fancy London Christmas lights to peruse!



Here is a little outfit snap from Wicked as well:


Merry Christmas everyone!



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Ciaté Christmas Advent Calendar – Week 3!

Moving onto week 3 of my Ciaté advent calendar, and this week greets us with a mix of block colours and glitters that are really fitting for Christmas. The nearer we get to Christmas the more glittery things are becoming, my parents have put the decorations up in our house (finally) and walking around London this weekend put me right in the Christmassy mood.

What is great about reviewing this weekly is that I’ve found out of the 6, there are usually pairs of polishes that look like they would be good together and I naturally photograph them in this way.

Here are the 6 promising polishes I woke up to this week:


'Frozen Daydream' and 'Tinsel Trail'
‘Frozen Daydream’ and ‘Tinsel Trail’
'Silhouette' and 'Candy Cane'
‘Silhouette’ and ‘Candy Cane’
'Amazing Gracie' and 'Unrestricted Glam'
‘Amazing Gracie’ and ‘Unrestricted Glam’

I made the mistake of thinking ‘Tinsel Trail’ was an actual polish, cue me opening the bottle and my mouth falling open because the little shiny tinsel bits fell and made their way into the crevices of the open advent calendar doors. In spite of this, the colour combinations are pretty christmassy and almost circus like, which I love.

In the bottle, ‘Frozen Daydream’ looks a tad dull but I won’t know until I actually open it.

My favourite of all, maybe ALL of the polishes I have had so far, has to be ‘Candy Cane’. It is such a vivid magenta colour, and the glitter particles are a mix of big and small so it looks really unusual. I actually think this would look great over black as well.

So far in the advent calendar the only one I know I won’t use was the canary yellow polish in last week’s instalment. So I am pretty satisfied I have got value for money in the advent calendar! Would definitely recommend!

Which are your favourites out of this week’s instalment?

Thanks for reading!


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Lush Christmas Products I’ve Loved

Hi All!

I went to Lush recently and bought quite a few little treats for myself and for family/friends. The Christmas range is amazing as always, and there are a few things that I have tried and I thought I would show you what effects they have so that you can decide if you want to get the odd present for yourself and for Christmas gifting! (I operate on the ‘One for Them, One for Me rule quite often).

As I am a shower person usually, and there are only so many baths I can have without feeling like I am hurting the Ozone layer or something. The two products I am reviewing here are the ‘Melting Snowman’ and the ‘Shoot for the Stars’ bath bomb.

Look at his little carroty nose!
Look at his little carroty nose!

This is a classic Christmas scent, smelling of Vanilla and Cinnamon. Although this is not a bubbly bath bar, this is a really lovely moisturising bath product. It leaves your skin feeling so soft, and you can actually smell the cinnamon on your skin afterwards (don’t worry you don’t end up smelling too much like a pastry). The texture is quite similar to ‘Butterball’!

I took a picture which made me laugh, I’ll share here:

Ahhh Derek. Was nice knowing you.

The second product I have tried is the ‘Shoot for the Stars’ bath bomb. When I saw this in the Lush store I just knew I had to get it! It looks like the cosmos, (well what I imagine it to look like) and the smell is not dissimilar to the ‘Twilight’ bath bomb which is probably my favourite.


The real wow factor comes when you drop it into the bath. As you can tell from the outside it holds lilaccy, bluey tones, with a great colour hidden in the centre which I won’t reveal! (It’s Christmas, I’m not the Grinch).

It smells stronger when you are actually smelling the bath bomb itself rather than once it is dissolved in the bath, but it still fills the bathroom with a lovely bonfire nighty scent.



I know the bubbles look like embryos but hey ho, what you gonna do.

What are your favourite Lush products?



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Ciaté Christmas Advent Calendar – Week 2!

Hi all!

I have opened enough little doors of joy to now do my Ciaté advent calendar post for week 2. There is a great mix of colours and textures that are great to use on their own as well as together. Again, I have included quite a few close up pictures so you can choose your favourites!



‘Strawberry Milkshake’ and ‘Prima Ballerina’
‘Mineral Clarity’ and ‘Velvet Tuxedo’
'Big Yellow Taxi' and 'Let It Snow'
‘Big Yellow Taxi’ and ‘Let It Snow’

One of the stand out things I notice from the Ciaté nail polishes is WOWOWEEWOW the glitters are insane! ‘Prima Ballerina’ is the most iridescent glittery shiny bottle of sparkliness you will ever see! Really really stunning colours, same for ‘Let It Snow’ as well.

I love the pale pink ‘Strawberry Milkshake’ and I think they have got the name spot on! The one I will gingerly apply then have a nail polish remover pad at the ready, is ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ which is such a ‘canary’ yellow that it kind of frightens me. Not sure I’m brave enough to wear that! I will be doing some nail looks using these polishes, but I am in love with almost all of them already!

Which is your favourite?

By the way this might be the best advent calendar I have ever had…:)





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