The Burgundy Lip

Hello ‘Pressers!

One key trend that is ALL OVER the beauty scene this winter is the dark red lip, or burgundy lip. Usually more of a nudey – pinky lip person, this is quite bold but looks great as part of a winter make up look.

I know that brands like Nars, Mac and Charlotte Tilbury really rule the roost when it comes to matte style bold lips, but I have also heard great things about the Rimmel bold lipsticks. I thought I’d give Rimmel a go, and also try a lip liner of a similar colour to really do it properly.

The shade I chose is ‘Starry Eyed’ in the Lasting Finish range, matching this with the 1000 Kisses  ‘Black Tulip’ lip liner:

I think the key things to remember with wearing a bold lip are:

  • Keep the rest of your make up toned down (I tend to leave blusher and just use bronzer to make sure it’s not too full on)
  • Moisturise your lips to make sure the colour lasts the longest
  • Make sure your lip liner is sharpened!
  • Slowly build up the colour rather than apply thickly



The lip liner is great, (smells just like Crayola though which I’m not too sure about) and really helps you when you apply the actual lip colour.

The lip stick itself is a good texture, not too matte but is really pigmented. Be careful when you first apply it though or you could end up looking like Ronald McDonald. Not a good look.

At a measly £2.99 for the lip liner, and only £4.99 for the lipstick itself, it is MUCH better value than some of the higher end brands, so affordable AND looks great for a Christmas night out :).

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If I won the Beauty Lottery…

It’s coming up to Christmas, which means a few things: Presents, presents…and um…presents?!

Sometimes while I am watching a film or television, I will often find myself in a dangerous situation browsing websites like ASOS, Miss Selfridge and the ultimate Kryptonite…Space.NK.

It got me thinking, there are SO many things that are pretty and shiny and lovely and IDEAL christmas presents. This is the ultimate wish list, and instead of looking for presents for myself (*slaps wrist*) I will probably use this for inspiration for family christmas presents :).

I have put together a collection of the ultimate christmas beauty gifts, from a mix of the best premium brands around :D.


This Ciaté advent calendar is a great PRE-christmas gift, and is perfect for all the nail polish addicts out there. It is so cute, and shaped like a mansion with 24 doors housing teeny nail polishes…containing brights, pastels and glitters. I recently picked up one of these myself, and because it was from Space.NK I got a brilliant sample set with an Eve Lom face mask, Rodial face oil and shampoo and conditioner! So even if you decide to get a gift for someone else, you could always keep the samples for yourself (shhh…)


These By Terry Ombre Blackstar eyeshadow sticks are a great high end beauty gift. At a rather extortionate price, these eyeshadows are available in a great variety of shades. I have heard a lot of good things about the shade ‘Misty Rock’, which looks like a gorgeous taupey pink.


A staple in any make up bag is a set of eyelashes curlers, and these Shu Uemera curlers are expensive, but will last you a lifetime. Oddly, there is a limited edition that is exactly the same as the normal set, BUT it has a little picture of Karl Lagerfeld’s cat attached to it (hm, necessary?!)


QUEUE the most expensive dry shampoo that ever existed (I may be wrong but it’s bloody pricey). The Oribe dry texturising spray is renowned for adding lasting volume, and making freshly washed hair look tousled and texturised. If you fancy trying a budget version though, you can try the L’Oréal super sizing spray which I reviewed here. Although it isn’t as long-lasting, it would save you a lot of money!


Ahhh, if you are looking for something shiny that will look B-E-A-Utiful on your dressing table, cast your peepers over the Zoeva ‘Golden Luxury’ make up brush set. This really is a gorgeous set, and would make a great christmas present. The cheapest I have seen it online for is £56.95 , but it sadly looks like it is out of stock :(.


To create that perfect wintery flushed look, one product that can do this in one sweep is the Ambient Hourglass Blush. Again, pretty pricey, but the gold shimmer marbled through it means that it acts as a highlight and blush in one (well, that’s what I’m saying anyway). To me, ‘Ethereal Glow’ looks like a perfect cool toned pink that will perk up any wintery complexion!

SO…drum roll please. The TOTAL PRICE for this wish list amounts to…..


Jeez Louise, well it’s a good thing that I have a smidge of self restraint, to make sure that I don’t go bankrupt.

Anyone out there lucky enough to have all of these things? Ahhhh, merry pre-Christmas every one!


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Dye-ing for a Red Ombré

I have always been keen to change things up with hair colour, within certain limits. In the past I have tried violet wash in wash out colours, warm coppery reds and slightly lighter browns. One of my favourite things I have EVER tried though, is the L’oreal Wild Ombré dip dye kit in Red 6.66. 


Having always had darker hair, I have always said a big fat resounding ‘NO’ to the thought of ever going blonde, as I just know it would look terrible and ruin my hair at the same time (thoughts of bad ashy blonde hair with black – brown roots comes to mind.) Not wanting to be left out of the Ombré hype, I was pleased to find a red dip dye kit that looked easy to do at home, and was very reasonably priced.

Now I have used this kit about 2 times before, and have been very very happy with the results. The first time I used it, the red was not very prominent but more of a shimmery red tint along the ends of the hair. The second and now third time that I have used this, it is much brighter due to the gradual lightening of the hair each time. When it catches the sun, it becomes a really vivid red so looks quite striking.


One thing that some may say is an advantage, and others a disadvantage is that after the first week or so once you have dyed your hair, depending on your original colour, on me this tends to go quite violetty because it is quite a cool toned red at first. After the first couple of weeks of washes (depending on how good you are at not washing your hair everyday – *slaps wrist*) it tends to calm down a bit into a more warm, reddy ombré.

NOW, when dyeing your hair – particularly if it is red in a white bathroom- I have a few tips that might make the whole process easier, AND save your bathroom looking like a scene from Psycho:


Make sure that you use either a body lotion, body cream or something like Vaseline to put around your face, hairline, and around your ears to stop yourself getting the dreaded dark hair dye ring around your face. Particularly for me, using a red hair dye and getting it all over me meant a very tense time of having to use a damp flannel around my neck to stop my skin looking like it had been scalded. A simple swipe of body lotion will help to act as a barrier, and keep the colour where it belongs…on your hair.


When it comes to those crappy disposable gloves you get in your hair dye kit, hair bands or bobbles are your best friend, trust me. I put a hairband on each wrist in order to keep the disposable gloves on my hands, and this also stops you from getting any hair dye inside the glove, or around your wrist.


As I’ve mentioned, I have to dye my hair in a white bathroom. Which is risky. Therefore I try to cover as many surfaces as possible, and try to minimise the amount of things that I ruin :). One of the things I do to protect my clothing (although I tend to wear old oversized t shirts for hair dyeing) is to grab a bin bag, turn it upside down, make a hole for my head and one each for my arms and wear it like it has just waltzed off the Jenny Packham runway at London Fashion Week (garbage chic, anyone?). This will help to protect your clothes, and you can clip it tight around your neck to protect your neck too. Best of all is that you can whip it off and chuck it straight in the bin after.


BRUSH, BRUSH, BRUSH. When using this dip dye kit, I cannot stress how important it is to brush your hair first. You are kindly provided with a brush to squeeze the dye onto, to make it easier for you to brush the dye into your hair. Now, clearly the people who designed this brush were not asian, as we asians have pretty thick hair and this is a very flimsy brush. The aforementioned bin bag really comes into it’s own in case you pull too forcefully on said Flimsy Brush, handy if you get little splashes of dye everywhere after dragging Flimsy through the lengths of your hair.

Hair dyeing can be a bit of a chore, but the results make it totally worth the sitting on the bathroom floor watching youtube with a timer on your phone for 35 minutes.

What do you think, has Ombré had it’s time in the (bleaching) sun? Or is it here to stay?!

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Top 5 Things about Winter

Hello ‘Pressers!

Today is the 2nd of November, and it is really starting to feel like Christmas! It kind of feels like we are on the home stretch to Christmas now. This means it won’t be long before we can eat too much chocolate, wear onesies to a McDonald’s drive through and watching hours and hours of bad TV!

I thought I would give you guys a quick run down of the top 5 things I love about Winter/Christmas time. Some of these are beauty and fashion related, with a couple of random things thrown in :):


Be it a snuggly old jumper, a special Christmas onesie or the world’s most comfortable scarf, knitwear is having a big thing at Christmas. Particularly when you have Christmas jumper competition at work, or you go for a perfect winter stroll with a snuggly, soft warm scarf. One of my favourite pieces of knitwear is my Christmas jumper from Primark with a snuggly little polar bear on the front (think it was around £14 last year, and I’m sure they will have some new ones out this year). Another knitwear favourite is my New Look scarf, which may just be the SOFTEST SCARF IN THE UNIVERSE. It has a gorgeous combination of pastel pink, green and lilac, in a checked design (kind of like a picnic blanket) but I love it.




I have to admit, I am a bit of a magpie. This is generally in life, you wave something shiny near me and you will catch my eye darting around trying to work out 1. if it is pretty and 2. if I can wear it. One thing in particular is getting some (tasteful) bling, and one place that I love to experiment is nails. I love a good sparkly Christmas nail look. My favourites are Bourjois ‘Toppings” in Sun Scales, Barry M Glitter varnishes and Technic (Bodycare) varnishes. For a breakdown of a few of these, take a look at my ‘Autumn Nail Colours‘ post.




This might seem like a bit of a ‘moo’ points (anyone who watched Friends will know what I’m talking about) but I think that at Christmas time there is nothing better than sitting with a blanket and a steaming mug of hot chocolate or tea. Especially if you feel yourself getting ill, my personal favourite are cups of hot Indian homemade Chai, OR the limited edition Starbucks Salted Caramel hot chocolates- droooollllll.



I LOVE going to London around Christmas time. The atmosphere is electric, and as much as this is a cliché the buzz of walking around London seeing Christmas lights, being wrapped up in the aforementioned knitwear and spending time with loved ones really is special. In particular I love walking down Oxford street looking at the shop windows, and preparing for Christmas and stocking up on presents!



For me, although Christmas isn’t even related to Hinduism, we always celebrate Christmas with a few traditions. A few of these include making mince pies, me being in charge of Christmas day dessert (tarte tatin, anyone?) This is the time of year that all 5 of us are together at home, and as our family begins to grow it’s going to be lovely to have everyone at our house with smells of Christmas dinner and brilliant family arguments ringing throughout our house walls. It always gets to a point where we all know we have had enough time together and we start bickering, but that is all part and parcel of this time of year :).

I know this picture is of food…and wat?!
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