The Perfect Palette

Ahhh, the joys of make up palettes. The luxury packaging, the satisfying click of the lid, and the wide array of colours, shimmers and mattes.

A considerable newb to palettes, I have the Naked 1, and also recently added to my stash the ultimate palette of them all (eek!). Kindly linked by a fellow blogger (who is brilliant, may I add, LittleBitSoph), I quickly ordered the Lorac Pro Palette.


I was seriously pumped, particularly because I had my sisters’ engagement coming up. Unfortunately I was brought back to reality by the shipping time! I think it stated a minimum of 13 days and actually it wasn’t too bad as it took…13 days to arrive! That was from order confirmation to actually receiving the palette. The customs charge was unwelcome, but hey ho in for a penny in for 1 MILLION POUNDS.

I heard about the Lorac Pro palette through a number of blogs, namely from LittleBitSoph and Vivianna Does Makeup. What really drew me to it in the first place was the simple fact that it contained a row of matte shades (brilliant for your crease) and a row of shimmer shades. Too often in palettes from what I’ve seen, you get the odd lumpy glittery shade that ruins the look of it, doesn’t apply nicely and gets all over the rest of the palette.

The packaging of the Lorac Pro is very different to anything I’ve really used before, but it does have a feel reminiscent of the Nars packaging: black, soft to the touch and sturdy. With a magnetic ‘shut’ it isn’t the most practical in terms of making sure it is completely closed, but it is very slim and neat if you were travelling with it.





There are 8 matte shades in the palette, and what I love about them is that there are only 3 ‘light’ shades, and 4 whole ‘brown’ shades. For asian skin this is really useful, as some browns in the crease can look too warm or cool toned, but in this palette you have 2 of each. The black is great when used with an angled liner brush like the Mac 263, for a more subtle eye liner. ‘Taupe’ is my favourite crease colour at the moment, just the right amount of warm toned brown, and you can really build it up for more definition.


The shimmers in this palette are really versatile. With my favourites so far being ‘LT. Bronze’ (no idea what that means), ‘Champagne’ and ‘Pewter’, there is a good array of nudes with a few more unique shades like ‘Garnet’, ‘Deep Purple’ and ‘Slate’. The formulas for these are great because the shimmer is minute, so it creates a really iridescent look without being too ‘sparkly unicorn’. Don’t worry that’s not an eyeshadow shade, but I am tempted to see what that would look like :p.

Using this palette for the first time, I used the shade ‘LT. Bronze’ over the lid, with ‘Taupe’ blended into the crease. To build up the brightness, I added some ‘Half Baked’ from the Urban Decay Naked 1 palette. A thin line of jet black liquid eyeliner, a coat of Maybelline ‘The Falsies’ mascara, a set of false eyelashes and you have a great look for a special occasion (such as doing my sister’s make up for her engagement, see snippet below!).


What’s your favourite make up palette? Please be careful with your suggestions…as there is a very vulnerable shopper writing this here post 🙂

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Zoella Beauty Haul!

Hello Everyone! 🙂 Today I have an exciting haul to show you, it’s only the entire range of newly launched Zoella Beauty! For those of you who don’t know, Zoe Sugg is a British Youtuber who has worked her way up the Youtube mountain to the very peak, having over 6 million subscribers to her main channel alone. She has a blog that she has kept going for many years, and she has just recently launched her own range of beauty and skin care products. You can get the range from either Superdrug, or Feel Unique, with prices starting from £5 :).


I’m not going to write a lengthy wordy post on these products as you might find that boring…so what I will do is just run down the products I like the most so far: The Zoella make up bag is brilliant, the gold detailing on the zip makes it seem really fancy (ooh), and the colour choices are really bright and on trend. There is one with a guinea pig on it, but I opted for the one with the graphic eyes! It is the perfect length to fit in make up brushes (elaborate yet impractical picture below) and the lining is light orange, so you don’t need to worry too much about getting the inside covered in foundation or concealer as it is unlikely it’ll show.


The candle is really lovely, I like that it’s held in a little tin, as candles that you get in glass casings often get burn marks on the side of them and end up looking a bit sorry for themselves. The scent is quite fresh, and not ‘old granny’ floral in the slightest. It isn’t a strong smell once it is lit, but just enough so that when you walk into a room you can smell it (but it doesn’t whack you round the face and say ‘HELLO I AM HERE’. )


The third and final thing I have used from this range so far is the ‘Blissful Mistful’ body mist, which is in the most adorable packaging (complete with rose gold cap). Obviously for a body mist the most important thing (and objective) is the smell. It has a slightly orangey scent, but like the candle is very fresh and clean smelling – best description ever, I know. The only downside to this is the spray head, with a body mist it tends to be very wet because it is not like a perfume. Having said that, you can always spray onto your wrists and rub onto your neck etc, which works just as well.


The remaining parts of the range (body lotion, bath soak and fizz bar) I haven’t used properly yet, but I will update this post as and when I do. All in all, I think this range is really well thought out, from the scents to the packaging, and I think she’s made a brilliant little platform that she can build and add to as she grows in success and popularity. Affordable, practical yet beautifully designed, this range is great for christmas presents, birthdays and general treating yourself!


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Autumn Nail Colours


As we are well into Autumn, I’ve started to leave the bright sunny shades back where they belong and am slowly moving over to the dark, more muted autumn colours when it comes to nails. This time of year is brilliant, I particularly like the cosy nights in with a cup of tea and a blanket (I have just aged about 80 years) and a good ol’ crunchy leaf to stomp on (just digressed back to 4 and a half years old).

This little post includes some of my favourite shades for autumn, and also as we are nearing christmas, some of the top coats that can make things a little bit more festive :)!


So if we start with the non glitter shades:

Left to right: Kiko, Barry M Gelly in ‘Watermelon’, Nails Inc ‘Regent Street’, Tanya Burr ‘Midnight Sparkles’, French Connection

This is just a selection of the shades that I think are ideal for autumn. The Kiko polish is lovely, and I picked it up on my last visit to Landannnn. I don’t think they have shade names or numbers which is annoying, but this muted grey is really chic and is an ideal colour if you aren’t allowed to wear bright coloured nail varnish in your office, place of work, or school.

The Barry M polish is wrongly named if you ask me, when I look at this shade the last thing I think is watermelon. I actually think ‘Pond Sludge’ but I don’t think that would fly with Bazza. This shade might be a bit love/hate, but I really love the teal colour, and I think again it is quite a sophisticated shade to have on from late summer to autumn.

The Nails Inc polish is ‘Regent Street’ is probably my favourite of the bunch here, as the maroony burgundy shade is really really chic, and also looks great with the gold glitter polish I will be talking about in a mo. This is a classic autumnal colour, and the formula is long lasting and hardly chips…which makes it even better!

Tanya Burr‘s ‘Midnight Sparkles’ is actually what I am wearing now as I tinker away at these laptop keys. This is a gorgeous dark mauve, with purple shimmer in it, that looks really nice when it catches the light. It is almost black-purple, so it looks great if it is glossy and opaque, which isn’t hard to achieve due to the thick formula and easy to use brush.

Finally, we have the French Connection mauvey reddy purpley colour (again, no shade names or numbers, sort it ahht). This is a gorgeous colour, but be warned it can be quite difficult to build up this shade to what you see in the little bottle. The brush is quite thin too, but if you have the patience then there’s noting wrong with cracking this autumnal colour out.

If you fancy a little nod to christmas, take a look at these three glittery top coats:


Technic by Bodycare Nail Polish, Bourjois ‘Sun Scales’ and Barry M Silver Glitter Top Coat


The blue glitter top coat is actually from Bodycare, and costs a measly £2-3 per bottle. This is a right bugger to remove, but layered over the top of a dark purple, black or navy blue, it is really striking. I wouldn’t go over board with this stuff though, or you will be finding bits of it on your nails in 2017.

The Bourjois ‘Sun Scales’ is really beautiful, and VERY clever. It’s actually little bits of gold foil (like someone got some gold tinsel and put it in a food processor), therefore it isn’t too cumbersome to remove and looks really really good over a burgundy, black or blue nail polish.

The most versatile of this trio is the Barry M Silver glitter top coat. With different sized little silver glitters, this pretty much looks good over ANY colour (maybe not gold though…#jussayin). This again is quite difficult to remove but hey, towards Christmas you might find yourself tucked in in a cosy bed rather than out in the lashing wind and rain, so you might as well treat yourself to a bit of pampering (or scrubbing at nails with remover pads :)).

Let me know what your favourite autumnal shades are so I can fritter away my next wage slip 🙂

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Brilliant Brows!

Eyebrows are having their time in the spotlight. Of all the facial features I expected to be talked about in the beauty world, honestly I didn’t think it would be eyebrows…bigger and bushier!

For the past few months I have been using the Soap & Glory Brow Archery, but have been getting frustrated with the fact that I was only using one end of the two ended pencil (the pencil end, not the felt tip end). Also the nib on the pencil end is very waxy, so sometimes when you are using it your eyebrow hairs tend to clump together a little.

I’ve been pottering along with the Brow Archery for quite some time now, so much so that it came to the end of its’ life (R.I.P, waxy pencil). So began my quest for a new Filler of Brows…hence a sneaky trip to Boots. Now I have heard lots about the Anastasia Brow Whiz, and the Benefit Gimme Brow, but I wanted something I could pick up there and then. I walked past the Soap & Glory stand, and noticed a new Brow product: Archery 2 in 1 Brow Filling Pencil & Brush.

IMG_1184   IMG_1185 Here are a few headlines about this brilliant brow product:

  • The nib is teeny tiny, so it means you can get a really precise line
  • The colour I chose is “Hot Chocolate” which is a cool toned brown, slightly darker than the brown Brow Archery
  • The spoolie on the second end is brilliant!

Here is an end result, slightly darker than I’m used to but am pretty happy! IMG_1172IMG_1182 And to end this post…some people that do not know how to Eye Brow: eyebrows-004worst-eyebrows-213-1021-Got-Joke-Bad-eye-brows-012   Disclaimer: These images are from Google Images

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