My Favourite Beauty Bloggers


Today I thought I’d do a little post on my favourite beauty bloggers of the moment. I will admit that these are primarily and wholly Youtube based, but that’s pretty much how I got into blogging myself so I’m sure you will find these just as great as I do.

The 5 blogs included in this post cover beauty, lifestyle and food so they tend to be more like a website version of vlogging, I guess. But all of them started out how I wanted mine to, based mainly on beauty and lifestyle. These girls are brilliant, they vary in age but they post regularly, and give REALLY honest insights into products and often show tips and tricks.

Here is the run down of all five:

1. Tanya Burr – 

Tanya Burr was the first Youtuber that I started watching. She has some really old video’s of her make up tutorials and even back then she was brilliant! With a background in working on cosmetics counters, she really knows her stuff and now has progressed so far that she even has her own range of nail polishes and lip glosses stocked online and in UK Superdrug stores. Her blog is fantastic, although she doesn’t post as regularly as she uploads Youtube videos, she writes how she comes across in her uploads: Honest, kind and funny!

It’s also great to get an insight into her crazy life now that Youtube is her job, so she often does posts on events that she’s gone to, and any travelling she has done for work/promotional events.

2. Viviannadoesmakeup – 

VDM is on my favourites bar along with Tanya’s blog above. Vivianna (AKA…Anna) is a hardcore beauty blogger. Again, she also has a youtube channel but her blog is brilliant. The first thing that I love about her blog is the minimalist style, and I love that it is so image focused. She does fantastic close ups of products and images of when she’s used them, along with more honest product reviews. This girl posts EVERY DAY, and her content never falters. She’s brilliantly funny, genuine and passionate about all things beauty.

3. Lilypebbles – 

I came to know Lily Pebbles quite late I think, and honestly although I do love her blog, I think it’s my least favourite of the 5 I have included here today. Very good friends with Anna above, Lily also posts about high end and high street make up, and lifestyle. I think the more beauty bloggers you look at who are in the same circles (especially youtube) tend to review the same products around the same time. I have found with Lily, that because I prefer blogs such as VDM and Zoella a bit more, I have usually already seen some of the products that she reviews.

All that aside though, again she uses fantastic imagery, and honest funny reviews to keep her readers, and it’s still great to sit with a cup of tea, slurp away and read until your heart is content :).

4. Velvet Gh0st – 

I would probably say that Gabby is the most irregular blogger of the 5, but she makes up for that with her true and genuine personality, and truly funny writing. I really love the tutorials that she uploads to youtube, and I think she is probably the youngest of the group of bloggers I have gathered here. She doesn’t give a toss what people think, and she is SO normal and I love that.

Also, she’s gorgeous! Take a look at her blog for funny reviews, hauls and honest thoughts on life.

5. Zoella – 

This girl is brilliant. She started off just having her own little blog,  which slowly but surely grew and grew, whilst she built up her Youtube channel. Exciting times are coming for Zoe, she is publishing her first novel this year, and also bringing out her own beauty tools range. She’s the most honest, genuine and lovely person (I haven’t even met her but I can just tell), and it’s no wonder that she now has around 6 million followers (youtube, twitter, instagram…you name it).

She took a break from blogging for a while, during the time that things really started to take off for her. But now she’s back, with great informative posts about beauty, interior design, lifestyle thoughts and just funny honest musings. I think her channel is now my favourite Youtube channel, especially for Vlogs!

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Things that smell REALLY GOOD

I understand that this blog post title could be quite ambiguous, what things are you talking about? Well don’t worry, it is nothing untoward, just beauty or skincare products that either smell like you want to eat them, or are the type of products that make you just sit there and sniff them ALL DAY ERRYDAY.

Especially as we move towards Autumn/Winter, I find myself gravitating towards products with comforting scents, such as Vanilla or generally quite sweet smells. Anyone would think this blog post has been sponsored by Soap & Glory, but it really hasn’t. Anyone who is worth knowing knows that their products smell INCREDIBLE and those people are aware of how difficult it is to refrain from smeating (Smell – Eating, I have just made this up).

I have selected a few of my favourite products that suitably tickle the nostrils, and included some pictures below:

Soap & Glory Smoothie Breakfast Scrub, Soap & Glory Lightly Whipped Body Buttercream, Dove Heat Protect Spray, Soap & Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel, Boots Conditioning Nail Polish Remover Pads, YSL Volupté Sheer Candy


1. Soap & Glory Products – 

Smoothie Breakfast Scrub:

Well, where do you start with this company. I first found Soap & Glory via the Smoothie Breakfast Scrub and just fell in love with it. (I have all the products next to me ready to smell and describe – smescribe – so let’s see how this pans out). It smells like REALLY NICE CAKE, and to me it isn’t very ‘Breakfast-y at all). But my god, this smells SO GOOD. It comes in a massive tub so it will last you quite a while! This is a really great body scrub, and it has exfoliating sugars that are just coarse enough to smooth the skin. It also gives you really smooth skin after and is very moisturising, which you don’t usually get from a body scrub.


 Smoothie Lightly Whipped Body Buttercream

Surprise surprise, another product that smells like cake. This body butter actually smells a bit like actual cake sponge, which might not sound great but it’s like the smell of cake multiplied by infinity, and there is nothing wrong with that. When you use the body butter the smell doesn’t hang around for too long, but the cream itself is brilliant, really moisturising and sinks in nicely. According to the label it contains vanilla and coconut, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual ingredients label stated ‘Victoria Sponge’.


Clean On Me Clarifying Shower Gel

Slightly different to the two above, this smell does what it says on the pump dispenser. CLEAN. A WHOLE LOTTA CLEAN. This smells absolutely amazing, it’s fresh and zesty, and is brilliant for helping you wake up in the morning. The shower gel is great for clarifying the skin, and lathers up really nicely so you feel like it’s really cleansing. I don’t know if there are any other people out there who hate shower gels that don’t foam up. Impostors.

2. Dove Heat Protect Spray – 

I heard Tanya Burr raving about this spray in one of her monthly favourite youtube videos, and I had just run out of my Tre Semmé Heat Protectant so thought I would give this a go. I cannot tell you how good this smells (which is useful as I am writing a blog post about it). It smells a little bit like a clean powdery baby. I KNOW THAT IS WEIRD but go with it. It’s slightly sweet, but the nicest and most comforting smell. Again, it doesn’t hang around much if you use it on damp hair and then dry it, but it really does smell phenomenal.

3. Boots Conditioning Nail Polish Remover Pads – 

Now, anyone who uses nail polish remover knows that it stinks. Strong, acetone-y alcoholly smell. So when I found these nail polish remover pads from Boots that I had bought because they are travel size, I was not expecting such a lovely smell. As soon as you open the little black pot, you get hit in the face with a waft of fruity goodness (I swear they should make this a perfume, it smells so good). There are other smells present but I can’t quite work out what they are, go pick some up, they aren’t very expensive and please tell me if you can describe the smell better! Also, very good for removing nail polish. Who’da thunk it.

4. YSL Volupté Sheer Candy – 

Finally, a product that I have reviewed here before, which is really amazing. This YSL lipstick is beautiful, the packaging is beautiful, the satisfying click close is beautiful, but the SMELL. Watermelon, fresh, apple-y smell. I could sniff this all day long, and suitably it is a product you use on your lips…and they happen to be situated right under your nose! It really is amazing, and is a bit of a throw back to summer if you ask me!


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How to Thread Your Own Eyebrows…

This post is going to be a little different to the usual…it’s going to focus on those two little hairy caterpillars that are friends with your eyes. Having big eyebrows are all the rage at the moment (I’m looking at you Lily Collins and Cara Delevingne) but it is important to make sure that they don’t start to take over your face!

In the past I have tried getting mine threaded by a family friend, and the traditional way to thread if you are doing it on someone else is to use your hands to guide the thread and have one end in your mouth to actually create the motion to pull out the hairs. Now obviously you cannot use this method on yourself, so a couple of years ago I took to Youtube and found some really useful videos on how to thread your own eyebrows.

Benefits of threading:

  • Slower and sparser regrowth
  • More precise shaping
  • Once you get used to it it hurts less
  • No cost if you can get your mitts on some string
  • Can get small hairs that tweezers often miss

Now I have put that it hurts less as you get used to it, but I tell no lies, at first man it can sting. I remember when I first got my eyebrows threaded and I looked in the mirror afterwards, I basically had my own eyebrows and then a slightly pink raised pair underneath from where all the hairs had been pulled out!

Saying that, I think learning to do it myself was one of the best things I’ve done, and I now do my sisters’ eyebrows as well and you can really see the difference once it has been done.

As I mentioned there are some good videos on Youtube so you can see it in real time, but unfortunately I can’t find the one that I used (as this was a long time ago). This video by farahdhukai is quite good, I think the only thing I disagree with is the length of the thread that she uses.

The Basic Principle of Threading:

Essentially, you will be using a loop of thread, between two hands. You twist the loop of thread a few times, and you use your hands to move the small twists from one side to another, trapping the hairs and pulling them out as you go. It takes a lot of practice to get it right, so be patient.

Here is what I use to groom/thread my eyebrows. I keep tweezers on stand by as I usually use these around the delicate under eyebrow area.


Right, here is where I TRY to show you how I thread. For demonstration purposes, white Paper=skin, weird little bits of thread= hairs. Just stay with me, ok?

1. You will need a length of thread.  I have cut how much I usually use and measured it at 64cm.

2. You then want to take each end and tie a couple of knots, to make one loop of thread.


3. Next, hold the thread between both hands. Use one hand to twist the loop of thread a couple of times. You should end up with the thread looking like this:

4. Here is my mock up of skin with a whole TWO HAIRS. The way to remove the hairs is to look at the direction of growth.

These two hairs and growing to the right, root is on the left. Place your loop of thread around the hair like below:


Holding the loop of thread taut with both hands, use your right hand and move your finger and thumb apart, while keeping your left hand still. This will move the twists in the loop of thread over the hair, and the hair will become twisted up and pulled out as you move the twists to the left (opposite direction to hair growth).

If I have failed to explain this well, go to Youtube and search for ‘how to thread your own eyebrows’ :).

DISCLAIMER: I am by no means a professional eyebrow threader, this is just my way of doing it and it works for me.

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