100 Followers! You lot are good to me…

100 followers feature
*for anyone who asks this is just to represent how happy I am at 100 followers, don’t add up the 100 from each circle or you’ll be raining on my parade :p

Hi! So, on Friday I hit 100 followers!

I got a happy little ping on my WordPress app (I genuinely think that sound is my most favourite sound in the world) to say there are 100 of you lovely people out there who are still remotely interested in the words that I string together in my brain.

This made me very happy, to know that there are actual real life people reading this out there is really fulfilling, as I know the internet is saturated with fledgling beauty blogs and the competition is tough. I’d like to say thank you for actually interacting with the posts and liking, because that obviously tells me what you prefer reading and what you aren’t keen on!


What I love the most, is that when I get a new follower I genuinely do go, check out their blog and find it so inspiring to see how well other beauty bloggers are doing and everyone is always so supportive. People of older generations often talk about the internet as a dangerous thing, I guess some places are but I do feel like the blogging community is generally very helpful to newbies like me!

Since properly getting into blogging routine in December, I am really excited for the next few months, so keep your wing liner-ed eyes peeled for more gripping content! (I write about the important things in life yo).

Thank you again for reading!

Roshni 🙂 xxx

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